Mrs J Allen, Ms H Pepler, Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs B Humphreys, Mrs S Newell, Mr N James, Mr D Evans,

Mr M Holmes., Mr F Hemmings, Mr J Vant, Mr D Poppitt, Mr B Colley.

Cllr Mr Terry Evans, WCBC and Mr S A Hughes, Clerk to the Council


Cllr Frank Hemmings thanked to all members of the Council and the Clerk for their support during his year as Chairman of the Council saying several good things had happened during the time which he had enjoyed and was truly honoured to have been the Chairman of the Council.



Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mrs C Gough and Cllr Ian Roberts.



Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen nominated Cllr Dewi Evans seconded by Cllr Mrs Hilary Spragg to be the Chairman of the Council for the coming year.  No other nominations were made and Cllr Dewi Evans was duly elected Chairman.

On taking the Chair Cllr Evans signed a Declaration of Office and thanked members for giving him the honour of being Chairman of the Council. He expressed thanks to Cllr Hemmings for his work for the Council which has been much appreciated.



Cllr Mrs Barbara Humphreys nominated Cllr Ms Hilary Pepler as Vice-Chairman of the Council and was seconded by Cllr Mrs Hilary Spragg.  There were no other nominations and Cllr Ms Pepler was duly elected.

Cllr Mrs Pepler signed a Declaration of Office and thanked members for appointing her as Vice-Chairman.


The Chairman proposed that agenda item 9 is taken to allow the officer to continue his work in the community and this was agreed. .



PCSO Sawyer was welcomed to the meeting and apologised for their being no police presence at the last meeting due to an emergency situation.  He continued and informed the Council of the crime statistics for the previous months that were as follows:

April: Theft other – 4; Burglary other than dwelling BOTD – 1; Criminal Damage – 4. Total 9 with 5 ASB incidents.

May: Theft other – 1: BOTD – 1; Criminal Damage -1; Arson – 1; Shoplifting – 1. Total 5 with 6 ASB incidents.


PCSO Sawyer said that he and his colleagues were continuing the patrolling of the Millennium Gardens and other areas. PCSO Sawyer said that he had spoken with WCBC asking for traffic Wardens to visit the car boot site on Sundays regarding illegal parking and PCSO Grace Jones was meeting with councillors concerning incidents on Chapel Lane.


The following were matters were brought to attention: -

·         Car fire on Chirk Car Park.

·         Speeding on the B50570 and Station Avenue, Chirk.


Cllr Hemmings mentioned that he had reported computer problems following a telephone call to the police and to which he had received information and help. He also mentioned the help available to all from the National Action Fraud Service to whom he had given information about his own incident that had proved a great help in finding the culprit.  Cllr Hemmings said the National Fraud Service is available to everyone to use so reporting incidents is a must do so that the information can be dealt with quickly for a good outcome. He thanked the police for their kind attention and help.

The Council agreed that the officers priorities for the coming weeks should be:

·         North, Chapel Lane Playground and recreation grounds.

·         South, Millennium Gardens and recreation grounds.


The Chairman thanked the officer for his attendance and report.





The following committees agreed and members elected thereto: -

General Purposes Committee. The Full Council.

Plans Committee.

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs J Allen, Mrs S Newell, Mr M Maxfield, Mrs H J Spragg Mr J Vant,

Mrs B Humphreys, Mr F Hemmings and Mr B Colley.

Finance Committee.

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs J Allen, Mrs B Humphreys, Mrs C Gough, Mr J Vant, Mr F Hemmings,

Mr M Holmes.

Standing Orders Committee.  Chairman, Mr J Vant, Mrs J Allen and Mrs B Humphreys.

Special Committee.

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs J Allen.

Consultations Committee.  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs J Allen.

Footway Lighting Committee.

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs C Gough, Mrs J Allen and Mr F Hemmings.

Parish Hall Sub-Committee. Ms Hilary Pepler Mr F Hemmings, Mrs J Allen, Mrs H J Spragg,

Mrs B Humphreys.

Youth Service Monitoring Team.Mr F Hemmings, Mrs S Newell, Mr D Poppitt, Mrs C Gough,

Mr N James with Cllr Ian Roberts.



School Governors:

Ysgol Y Waun Chirk School Mrs J Allen.

Federated Pentre Controlled Mrs B Humphreys.  

Chirk Charities   Mrs H J Spragg, Mr N James, Mr M Holmes, Mr F Hemmings.

Chirk Environmental Liaison Group Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs J Allen, and

Mrs B Humphreys.

Chirk Swimming Pool Trust. Mrs C Gough and the Clerk.                                                                                                                                 

Black Park Community Centre. Ms H Pepler and Mr F Hemmings.

OneVoice Wales, Wrexham/Flint Area Regional Committee.  Mrs J Allen.    

Shrewsbury/Chester Rail Users Association. Mrs  J Allen.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau.   Mr F Hemmings

Chirk Air Training Corps. Mrs J Allen.

North East Wales Play and Playing Fields Association. The Clerk.

Penybont Liaison Group. Mr F Hemmings. Mrs B Humphreys and Mrs Jackie Allen.

Chirk Youth Football Club. Mr M Maxfield, Mr N James, Mr M Holmes and Mrs C Gough.

Footpath Liaison. Mr F Hemmings, Mr J Vant and Mr D Poppitt.

Chirk/Ceiriog Valley Partnership. Ms H Pepler.

Wrexham Police and Community Forum.  Mrs J Allen.

Chirk Celebrations and Lights Committee. Mr F Hemmings, Mr N James, Mrs S Newell and

Mrs C Gough.

Chirk Recreation Ground Trust. All members of the Council.

      Chirk Court Residential Home Management Committee. Mrs H J Spragg, (Deputy -Mr D Evans).

      Chirk Community Forum.  Cllr J Vant.

        Wrexham CBC Community Council Forum. Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the Clerk.

Glyn Valley Tramway Trust – Mrs J Allen.

Aqueduct Community Association – Mrs J Allen.

Wrexham Community Play Scheme – Chairman.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Hospital Local Stakeholders Groups – Ms H Pepler.



6.      MINUTES.

The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held the 30th April 2014 were confirmed as a correct record.



The following dates for the monthly ordinary meetings of the Council were decided upon for the coming year.

2014 June – 25th; July – 30th; September – 24th; October – 29th; November – 26th; December – to be decided;

2015 January – 28th; February – 25th; March 25th; April – 29th and the AGM May - 27th.



      The Clerk had provided each member with a list of attendances during the past year and these were noted by all.      



The Clerk informed the Council that the Chief Executive and Returning Officer, Wrexham CBC had advised that an appropriate request for an election to fill the vacancy had been received and an election would be held, if contested, on Thursday 26th June 2014.  Proper Notice of Election will be published from 21st May and displayed. Nominations are required by 4pm 30th May 2014.  This information was noted by members.



Councillors had received a copy of the report that gave ideas and recommendations for the use of the Parish Hall premises.  The report was accepted by the Council.



Members had received a copy of the report by Estyn, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales.

The report stated that the school’s current performance and the school’s prospects for improvement was unsatisfactory and the main finding in every Key Question covered by the report also unsatisfactory. The report adds that in accordance with the Education Act 2005, HMCI is of the opinion that special measures are required in relation to the school.

Several members attended the recent meeting at the school with parent, school governors, headteacher and her staff.

The fact that there was no presence at the meeting from the Education Authority was criticized heavily by councillors

who considered that the school had been badly let down by the authority. 

It was mentioned that a significant number of pupils had left to go to other schools and that there were more applications still to be considered.

It was also mentioned that the staff were determined to bring improvements about and that an action plan had been drawn up to address the unsatisfactory situation.

The Chairman of the school governors Cllr Ian Roberts said that actions were already being addressed and that a further meeting will take place in two months for parents and all concerned to learn what progress has been made.



The Clerk referred to an appeal to support a young lady Courtney Lloyd od Walden Crescent, Chirk who had survived after having a bone marrow transplant and who was raising money by doing a “Sky Dive” on the 5th July for the Anthony Nolan Trust that helps very ill children like Courtney.  The appeal for support was noted but as the Council is unable to fund such an event, members received sponsor forms to use as they so wished.



The Clerk reported receipt of the under-mentioned correspondence that was considered and dealt with:

1.      Letter of thanks from George and Barbara Porter following the Citizen of the Year Award Pesentation. Noted.

2.      from Welsh Government  “Access to Information on Community and Town Councils” –

“Guidance, including Statutory Guidance, to Principal Councils and Community and Town Councils in Wales” -  “Community and Town Councils Welsh Government News”. 

The Clerk said these documents are available for download at This information was noted.

3.      Copy of Notice of  the meeting regarding the”Friends of Whitehurst Gardens Project” to be held at the Parish Hall on June 23rd at 7pm.  Noted.

4.        Copy of Notice for the “Annual Fun Day in Chirk at the AAA’s Ground on the 28th June starting with a procession from Lodgevale Park at 12 o’clock to the sports ground where the gates will be open at 12.30pm. Organised by Chirk Celebrations and Lights Committee and Chirk AAA.  Noted.





·         The following application for planning consent received from the Chief Planning Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Authority under the consultation procedures for consideration and comment was dealt with.


P/2014/0311 Formation of Overflow Car Park on Land adjacent to Hospital –

Chirk Community Hospital, Rhosywaun, Chirk, Wrexham.

The Council has no abjection to the proposal


·         The following Certificates of Decision were received from the Planning Authority and noted.


P/2014/0032 Planning permission REFUSED for a single storey extension to 9 Offa, Lodgevale Park, Chirk.


P/2014/0074 Planning permission GRANTED for the change of use from Police Station to Residential at former Police Station, Holyhead Road, Chirk.


·         Planning Application Consultation Procedures.

The Business Support Officer, Wrexham CBC requested that the Council considers receiving planning documents electronically rather than by hard copy in order to reduce costs.

The Council decided that the Plans Committee should consider this matter.




a)      Payments. A list of invoices and payments amounting to£6,245.02 were given to the Council and were passed for payment. (see addendum).


b)      Annual Return. The Clerk reported that the Internal Auditor had completed the audit and had completed section 4 as required.  The Clerk said that in his report the Internal Auditor mentioned the repeal of s150(5) of the LG Act 1972 with regard to the signing of cheques.

The Clerk informed the Council that he would now preparing a Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31st    

    March 2014 as required for the audit for approval at the next meeting of the Council at which the Council will   

    approve Statement of Annual Governance.  This information was noted by the Council.





Signed                              Chairman                                                                                                               25th June 2014