CHIRK TOWN COUNCIL                                                                                     CYNGOR TREF Y WAUN


Present   Cllrs Mr F Hemmings (Chairman), Mr D Evans, Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs J Allen, Mrs B Humphreys,           Mrs C Gough, Ms H Pepler, Mrs S Newell, Mr M Maxfield, Mr R Jones, Mr N James, Mr M Holmes,  Mr B Colley.                                                                                                                                                           Mr J Vant and Mr Sam Hughes, Clerk to the Council.                                                                                                                                                                                                               One member of the public.

Apologies. Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mr D Poppitt, Mr T Evans and Mr I Roberts.             

109.MINUTES.  The minutes of the meeting s of the Council on the 29th January and the 11th February 2014 were confirmed as a correct record.


100. Local Members Report. The Chairman informed the Council that a complaint had been received concerning the remarks made by Cllr Terry Evans about the access at the Hand Hotel that had been forwarded to the Monitoring Officer for attention.  The Chairman asked that members adhere to the Code of Practice to ensure no further complaints are made.



PCSO Dean Sawyer attended the meeting and gave the crime statistics for the two months to date that were as follow: -

February  Theft Other -1, Theft from vehicle -2,  Criminal damage – 2; ASB Events – 5.

PCSO Sawyer said that cautions have been issued to motorists parking at Chapel Lane, Lloyds Lane and visits are to be made by Traffic Wardens.  PCSO Sawyer said he was looking to the School and Leisure Centre for support to open the parking area at the school for by the public to ease the parking problems.                                                                                                                     With regard to speeding PCSO Sawyer informed the Council that he and his colleagues will be out and about with the speed camera in the coming weeks.                                                              

PCSO Sawyer said that alcohol had been confiscated from a number of persons at the Millennium Gardens and had followed up complaints about cold calling by persons in relation to the RSPCA and a Double Glazing firm and had drawn them to the attention of the Trading Standards Officer.                                                                                                                                        The attention of the officer was drawn to the problem of scrambling bikes and 4x4 vehicles causing nuisance and danger along Green Lane Halton.  PCSO Sawyer said that he had spoken to Geraint  Pierce , Ley Farm previously and would take the matter up again.

PCSO Sawyer reminded the Council about the arrangements for Police Road Show to visit Craig Close Centre on the 12th March to give information to the elderly residents and others in the area.

The Council agreed that the officer’s priorities for the coming weeks should be The Millennium Gardens and Recreation Ground, Chirk Leisure Centre and speeding at both schools.

The Chairman thanked PCSO Sawyer for his attendance and report.



The Clerk referred members to the minutes of the meeting held February 11th and said that confirmed the Councils decision to go ahead with the scheme for the coming year.  The Play Development Team will attend the play area sites during the school holidays as follows:  Lodgevale Park -: Mondays;              Chapel Lane: Tuesdays and Wednesdays;  Longfield – Thursdays and Fridays.                                                The Development team will visit schools and will be providing posters etc for display around the area.



The Clerk said that He and the Chairman had met with Mr Martin Howarth, Parks and Rights of Way Officer, Wrexham CBC and following discussion he had agreed to recommend that an agreement is drawn up to enable Chirk Town Council to carry out maintenance and inspections of play areas that are to be transferred in time to the Council. Members were pleased to have this information as it would mean that the work will be carried out as per the budget.


Black Park Community Centre. Cllr Ms Hilary Pepler informed the Council that she had attended the AGM of the Community Centre.  It is intended to set up a new Charity for the Community Centre and details are being collected to forward this.  The Committee are also intending to carry further improvements to the premises.

Shrewsbury and Chester Rail Usuers Association. Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen said she had attend ed a meeting of the Association at the Chirk RBL Club and there was concern about the double tracking proposals on the line between Wrexham and Chester and for a new station at Rossett to serve the proposed new Prison at the Wrexham Industrial Estate.                                                                                                                                 Glyn Valley Tramway Trust. Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen said that at the meeting of the GVTT it was announced that they were in the process of obtaining contract prices for the removal of trees from the track bed.  This had been delayed due to the proposed extension of the Caravan Site needing planning permission.

One Voice Wales.Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen said that she had attended the recent meeting of the Area Committee of OVW.  She said that no one had been elected to fill the vacancy on the Health Board.

Mrs Allen also said that One Voice Wales supported the recommendations of the Welsh Government for certain applications for planning permission to be determined by Comminuty and Town Councils.

Police Crime Commissioner. Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen said she had attended a meeting arranged by the Police Commissioner Winston Roderick and read out a report she had written for members information. (see addendum).



The Clerk referred to the Council Meeting when the Chirk Mums put forward their ideas and plans for developing the Chapel Lane Play area.  The Council had agreed that the mums should proceed with their plans and obtain details and costs of their scheme.   The Clerk said that this had now been done and provided details of the scheme with plans showing what equipment is to be installed with safe surfacing provided and also new fencing gate and pathways for disabled access. The Clerk also pointed out the equipment complied with all British Standards and European Standards and was suitable for disabled children.  The Chirk Mums had approached three contractors and obtained quotations and had chosen the lowest priced contractor as their preference with the costs being £64,500.00.

The Clerk said that it was now necessary to make an application for grant aid and all necessary details would be obtained from the Chirk Mums to accompany the application.  The Chirk Mums had been arranging fund raising events and their group would be the third party Stakeholders.  The Clerk reminded the members that the Council had earmarked a considerable sum for the redevelopment of the Chapel Lane Playground.

Following discussion, the Council decided to go ahead with the Redevelopment Scheme as drawn up by the Chirk Mums and for application to be made to WREN for grant aid.



The following appeals were received and dealt with: -

Bibles for School Leavers.  It was agreed that the Council should ask the Headteachers of Ysgol Y Waun and Pentre CP Schools what they would prefer, either a Bible or a Dictionary.

Wrexham Traithlon Club Chirk Triathlon 2014. The Clerk said that the places on the triathlon all 400+ of them had been taken up and Chirk was a major event in the calendar for these events.  The race was to take place on Sunday 13th April 2014

The Council agreed to provide the trophy and£50.00 for the local male and female winners of this years race.

HomeStart -It was agreed to donate £100.00.

Spinal Injuries Association – It was agreed that this application lies on the table.

NSPCC ChildLine – It was agreed to donate £100.00.



 117.WELSH WAR MEMORIALS HERITAGE CONFERENCE.                                                                                       The Clerk reported receipt of an invitation to the conference to be held at Builth Wells on the 27th March 2014.  This invitation was noted.



The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence that was dealt with as follow: -

a.       Letter from the interim Senior Service Manager, WCBC replying to the complaint about overflowing road drains etc on the Halton Road above Woodside Cottage. The officer said that the road drain and sewer drain had been examined and no fault found but further investigations are to be carried out to find the cause of the water oozing from the road surface. This information was noted.

b.      Copy of a report of the meeting of the Chirk Celebrations and Lights Committee and Chirk AAA’s Committee. The Chairman informed the Council that the Committees were asking for local organisations to man the gate for which they will receive a percentage of the proceeds. The FUN DAY will take place on the AAA’s Sports Ground on Saturday June 28th

c.       Letter from One Voice Wales with details and dates of Training module sessions. members had received a copy of this information.

d.      Letter from Christine Ashford giving information about a scheme being led by the Welsh Historical Gardens Trust to clear the area and carry out planting and various other work to improve the area which has historical importance for Chirk.  Volunteers are being looked for.  This information was noted.

PLANNING MATTERS.                                                                                                                    Report of Plans Committee held 27th February 2014.                                                                           The following applications for planning consent received from the Chief Planning Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Authority under the consultation procedures for consideration and comment were dealt with by the Planning Committee.                                                                                                                  P/2014/0074 Change of Use from Police Station to Residential –  former Police Station, Holyhead Road, Chirk.  No objection

P/2014/0021 Outline application for mixed use development comprising Commercial (Class A1 Food store with Petrol Station and associated Car Parking and Classes A3/B1/B8/C1, Extra care (Class2), Residential  (Class C3), including land reserved for Primary School (Class D1) with associated vehicular access off the A539 and B5606 and other related Improvments.  All matters reserved except means of access – Ruabon Business Park Site adjacent to A483 Ruabon, Wrexham.                                                    The Council  is concerned that the traffic flow  to and from this development will cause serious congestion on the A483 Newbridge and Chirk By passes especially at the roundabout junction with the A5 at Halton where hold up of long traffic queues in four directions occur regularly.

Certificates of Decision by Wrexham CBC Planning Authority.                                P/2013/0837 Permission granted for a two storey extension  at 6 Maesyparc, Chirk.


Payments.                                                                                                                                                          A list of invoices and payments amounting to £6,595.14 were given to the Council and were passed for payment.  (see addendum). 



Signed                                                  Chairman                                                                            26th March 2014