CHIRK TOWN COUNCIL                                                                                     CYNGOR TREF Y WAUN


Present                                                                                                                                                                Cllrs Mr F Hemmings (Chairman), Mr D Evans, Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs J Allen, Mrs B Humphreys,         Mrs C Gough, Ms H Pepler, Mrs S Newell, Mr M Maxfield, Mr R Jones, Mr N James, Mr D Poppitt.    Mr Sam Hughes, Clerk to the Council.                                                                                                             Cllr T Evans, Wrexham CBC Local Member.                                                                                                  One member of the public.

Apologies                                                                                                                                                          Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mr J Vant, Mr M Holmes, Mr B Colley                              and Mr I Roberts.

At the commencement of the meeting that Chairman recommended that items 5 and 4 are taken first and this was agreed.


The Chairman welcomed Mr Kevin Hughes and Mr Arwyn Evans from Pennaf Housing and invited them to proceed and explain the present position with the redevelopment proposals.

Mr Kevin Hughes referred to the last time he informed the Council about the scheme of proposals for Chirk Court that in the meantime have been altered to provide an improved scheme.  Mr Hughes said that it had been decided to retain two of the existing blocks at the site  that will be renovated to provide 10 residential care rooms with all facilities and a knew fitted out kitchen. The other two blocks will be demolished and a new two storey block built to provide 52 beds for EMI patients.

Mr Arwyn Evans gave information and detail about the new layout and the facilities to be provided. He said both floors of the new build will provide four blocks providing the same layout and facilities.

A new entrance to the site off the main road will be made, this requiring removal of part of the hedge. The existing access will remain locked and be used only in emergency situations.                     Members were pleased to be informed about the redevelopment but were concerned about safeguarding beds for local persons, safety measures, staffing and access arrangements.

With regard to accommodation use Mr Hughes said that this would be a matter for Wrexham Social Services Department to decide what this should be and which Pennaf Housing would deal with.

He said that there would be 24 hour staffing and safety measures incorporated in the design of the premises.  Staff would be trained and retrained as needed for the patients care and safety.

Mr Evans said the new access off the main road would involve removing a section of hedge only and car parking provision included within the site.

Mr Evans said that preparations had started and work is due to start shortly with the removal of the hedge before the bird nesting season.


The Chairman thanked both Officers for attending the meeting and for explaining the new development to the Council.


Before proceeding to the next agenda item the Chairman expressed condolences to the family of

Mr David Lawson, Chief Reporter of the Oswestry and District Advertizer.


93.   MINUTES.

The minutes of the meeting s of the Council on the 27th November and the 11th December 2013 were confirmed as a correct record.


77. One Voice Wales –Overton CC Training programme. The Clerk informed the Council that due to the lack of support from Councillors the training sessions had not been proceeded with.

78. Wrexham Youth Service. The Chairman said that he would be making arrangements for the sub-committee to meet with the Youth Service Officers.

80. Reports from Local members – Road Markings. The Chairman reported that the road markings had been completed at the Whitehurst road junction and Cllr Mrs Spragg said they had also been done at Coronation Drive, Chirk.



PCSOs Dean Sawyer and Grace Jones attended the meeting and gave the crime statistics for the two months to date that were as follow: -

December  Theft Other -1, Theft from vehicle -2, BOTD -1, Criminal damage – 2; ASB Events – 5.

January Thefts other – 1, Criminal damage – 3; Shoplifting – 5.

With regard to the shoplifting offences four were by the same offender who was arrested.

PCSO Sawyer said that the CCTV Camera at Chapel Lane was still not working and that the parking issues previously reported were to be dealt with by the Traffic Wardens.

Focus for the officers for the coming weeks were agreed as: -

Chirk Leisure Centre Area, Chirk Recreation Ground and Millennium Gardens Areas and Chirk Car Park and area.

PCSO Grace Jones informed the Council that she had made arrangements for Police Road Show to visit Craig Close Centre on the 12th March to give information to the elderly residents and others in the area.

Cold calling by persons allegedly from the RSPCA had been visiting around Chirk.  The officers asked for such happenings are reported immediately using the 101 telephone number to allow the offices to investigate.

Speeding was drawn to the attention of the officers and PCSO Sawyer said that he would obtain the monitoring speed camera and use it in various areas in and around Chirk.

The Officers handed out “Have a Cuppa with a Copper” leaflets that with dates that the public could visit the Glyn Wylfa Café to report and speak to the officers.

The Chairman thanked the officers for their informative reports.



Members received a copy of the Finance Committee Report and this was duly accepted and agreed by the Council.

The Clerk drew attention to the Citizen of the Year 2013 Award and said that it will be advertised shortly requesting nominations to be received by the 19th March 2014 for the Finance Committees attention and for the Council on the 26th March 2014.  A Presentation Evening will be arranged for the 18th April.



Members had been provided with copies of the Playscheme Progress Report by the Wrexham CBC Play Development Workers.  This gave details of attendances at the sessions held during school holidays including Chirk and an evaluation for the year.

Members noted with dismay that the levels of attendance were very low and were concerned why this should be. It was agreed that before committing the Council to maintaining the scheme in the coming year to invite the Youth Development Officer to attend a Council meeting to find out and discuss what is and what can be done to increase attendances.


The Clerk said that due to time scale Wrexham CBC had advised that it would not be able to legally transfer the play areas to the Council as had been agreed and that in respect of the playground inspections these would be carried out by Wrexham CBC and a charge made on the Council.  The yearly charge rates for each play area ere given as follows: -

Weekly Inspection - £873.00.  Monthly Inspection - £202.00.   Annual Inspection - £50.00+.


The Clerk said that this had not been made clear during the consultations and he had made arrangements for inspections to be made in house.  The costs of the inspections by Wrexham CBC would add to the costs for maintaining the play areas and these had not been included in the budget proposals.

The Clerk also said he had spoken with the Parks and Rights of Way Officer who had indicated that if agreement could not be reached his authority would close the play areas.

Members were very concerned about this development and the costs that could be put on to the Council and after discussion decided that the Chairman and the Clerk should arrange to meet the officer to try and make suitable arrangements for the Council to carry out the  playground inspections.



Chirk AAA’s Football. Cllr James informed the meeting that Chirk AAA’s Football team had won through to the 5th round of the Welsh Cup the next round being against St Asaph FC.

Congratulations well wishes were expressed by members to the football team.

Ysgol Y Waun. The Chairman informed the Council that the school would be having its first inspection starting on the 3rd February 2014.  Members hoped all would go well for the school and staff.


100.            REPORTS FROM LOCAL MEMBERS WREXHAM CBC.                                                                                       Cllr Terry Evans informed the Council that at Pentre hedges had been sanctioned for attention and order given for a street light and drainage works given.  He also said that works to improve the junction of Castle Toad and Castle Walks were underway and remedial work to Castle Road opposite Glyn Wylfa to follow on – a work period of six weeks. He also said that some tarmac patchwork had been carried out at New Hall Road.

Cllr Evans said the road sweeper had been around the area and that surface water drains were to be investigated.

Cllr Evans also mentioned that he was sad to report that the access to the Hand Hotel Car Park had been blocked to stop people for using it directing a question at Cllr Gough about the matter.

The following matters were mentioned that Mr Evans said he would give attention to: -

Pot holes in main road opposite Ashover, Holyhead Road;

A loose manhole cover at the pedestrian crossing at Rhosywaun.

Loose railings by the taxi office and around the amenity area, Rhosywaun.

Drains overflowing on the hill above Woodside Cottages, Halton.



The following appeals were received and dealt with: -

Your Space at Black Park for an Activity Club- £250.00.

Llangollen International Music Festival - £100.00.

Gwyl Cerdd Dant Cymru to be held at Rhos - £100.00

North Wales Miners Association Trust for mobile Museum - £100.00.

102.            WELSH DRAGON –GATEWAY TO WALES.                                                                                       The Clerk reported receipt of letter from Mr Simon Wingett asking for the Councils support for this project.                                                                                                                                                                     After consideration it was agreed to inform Mr Wingett that Chirk Town Council considers that the “Welsh Dragon – Gateway to Wales” project that is proposed to be built at Chirk Park is a very worthwhile project that will be a beacon bringing visitors to Wales and to Chirk.  It will be a magnificent tourist attraction and will provide a significant number of much needed employment opportunities to the area and that the Council is very pleased to wholeheartedly give support to the project and wishes the Trust every success in bringing the project to fruition.  



The Clerk reported receipt of confirmation of the Order giving a new description to footpath 49 as a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) and made minor changes to the right of way now to follow the roadway.  This Order was noted.


104.            WREXHAM CBC (Off Street Parking Places) (Consolidation) ORDER 2014.

The Clerk informed the Council that the plans with the notice show the parking places to be in the Wrexham Town area. The Order also includes for increasing parking charges and changes to tariff bands.  This Order was noted.



The Clerk reported receipt of an invitation to attend this function.  It was agreed that the Chairman and Mrs Hemmings should represent the Council at this charitable event.


106.            CORRESPONDENCE.

The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence that was dealt with as follow: -

a.       Letter from pupils at Pentre School to remove branches from the area of the playing field that they are to turn into a forest school.  The Council agreed for this to be done.

b.      Police Crime and Watch Plan and an invitation for a representative to attend a meeting at St Asaph with the Police Commissioner for North Wales. It was agreed that Cllr Allen should attend the meeting and report back to the Council.

c.       Local Government Re-Organisation Proposals. The proposals of the Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery set up by the Welsh Government.  These are proposals for consideration of the Welsh Government and as mentioned in press reports include for reducing the number of current local authorities (City, County and County Borough Councils) from 22 creating 12, 11 or 10 local authorities. Also town and community council areas should be merged or enlarged but no detail is given.

d.      Notice of Meeting of the Flintshire/Wrexham Area Committee of One Voice Wales.  Cllr Allen is the Councils representative and will be attending the meeting.

e.      Letter from the Licensing Team Leader, Wrexham CBC advising that it is Wrexham Council’s policy to notify Community and Town Councils when applications are for alcohol and entertainment and when changes to licences are made.  The officers would offer advice and guidance as the council may wish when on making representations on an application.  This was noted.

f.         Letter from AVOW with regard to the Tenovus  Annual Volunteer Awards 2014 that will take place in July and asking for nominations.  Noted. 

g.       Election of Representative on the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. The Clerk said that a ballot paper had been received and in conjunction with Cllr Pepler a vote had been made on behalf of the Council supporting the local nominee Mr Mike Harriman.  This action was noted and approved.

h.      Letter from the Health & Safety Executive regarding the Plant Protection Products(Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. These new regulations are to control the  of pesticides .  Noted.

i.         Letter from the Head of Environment regarding complaints about the refuse collection service at Pen Y Waun, Chirk saying that crews had been reminded to ensure that split refuse is cleared at the time of the collections taking place.  Noted.


107.            PLANNING MATTERS.

Report of Plans Committee held 29th January 2014.                                                                           The following applications for planning consent received from the Chief Planning Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Authority under the consultation procedures for consideration and comment were dealt with by the Planning Committee.                         P/2013/0837 Two storey rear extension to form extended lounge and kitchen at ground floor with extended bedroom  - 6 Maesyparc, Chirk, Wrexham.      No Objection.                                                                                                                                   P/2014/0005 Removal of conifer tree protected by Chirk Conservation Area- Tree rear of Chirk Surgery,  1/2 Castle Road, Chirk, Wrexham.  No Objection.                                                     P/2014/0008 Installation of Air Conditioning Unit – New Rowlands Pharmacy, Colliery Road, Chirk, Wrexham.  No objection.                                                                                                                  P/2014/0032 Single storey side extension  - 9 Offa, Chirk, Wrexham.                                                   The Council has no objection to a side extension on this corner site but recommends that it is built in materials more in keeping with the estate and as the extension referred to at  31 Offa.

Certificates of Decision by Wrexham CBC Planning Authority.                                        P/2013/0503 Permission granted for variation of condition to allow access to be used by occupier pf Park Gate Lodge.                                                                                                   P/2013/0602 This application has been withdrawn.                                                          P/2013/0674 No objection raised to the tree works at St Mary’s Church, Chirk.                  P/2013/0757 Permission granted for the Change of Use of Outbuilding within residential curtilage to holiday let – Caeaugwynion, Fron Isaf, Chirk.                                                 P/2013/0758 Permission granted for rear extension, replacement garage and outdoor swimming pool – Caeaugwynion, Chirk.

        Planning (Wales) Bill

This is a draft bill dealing with planning procedures.

108.            ACCOUNTS.                                                                                                                                                  a. Payments.                                                                                                                                                     A list of invoices and payments amounting to £13,749.44 were given to the Council and were passed for payment.  (see addendum).                                                                                                       bAccounts report to 31st December 2013.                                                                                          The Clerk provided members with details of expenditure to 31st December 2013 compared to the annual budget agreed by the Council.  The Clerk also provided detail of the bank reconciliation showing that expenditure totalled £111,454.30 and receipts £124,888.79.                                                                                                                                 The Council accepted the report and thanked the Clerk.



Signed                                                  Chairman                                                                            26th February 2014