held in person at the Parish Hall and virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC),                                Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),             Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),  

 Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),                                   Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),          Mr Frank Hemmings (FH),   

 Mr Mark Roberts (MR),                          Mrs Deborah Cooke (DC),     Mrs Sarah Appleton (SA),     Mr Lee Bunn (LB),                                             Mrs Linda Oliver (LO).            Mr Mark Holmes (MH),        Mr Terry Evans (TE)                        


Also in attendance:

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council,  

Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) – Deputy Town Clerk





To accept apologies for absence through the Clerk

Cllr. Newman James gave his apologies. 



To make declarations of interest




To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the AGM 16th May 2022.

Item - 8G & 8I – it was noted that the membership of committee’s still had previous Councillors listed.

JA proposed the minutes were a true and accurate representation with the amendment noted.  FH seconded, all agreed.

Action: RAG to make amendments.


FH asked that an up to date list of Councillors is added to website.

Action: RAG to get relevant information and update website.



To confirm and sign the minutes from the Planning Committee held on 15th June 2022

FH proposed the minutes were a true and accurate representation.  SA seconded, all agreed.


The Clerk advised Council that the Kronospan planning response (P/2022/0336) had been received by Wrexham Council Planning Department. FH advised that the Planning Committee was due to be held on Monday 4th July 2022.



To confirm and sign the minutes from the Extraordinary Meeting held on 22nd June 2022

JA proposed the minutes were a true and accurate representation.  FH seconded, all agreed.



To consider any matters arising from the Minutes received above not reported elsewhere

Item 18 - DC asked for an update regarding the dropped curb outside church.  TE explained it had been looked at previously and due to the narrow width of the curb it was unable to be dropped.


Item 16 - FH advised that he had spoken to Wrexham County Borough Council and Chirk Hospital Drive does not belong to the Council, it is an unadopted road.  JA said the Estates Department at Chirk Hospital confirmed this but had fixed the road.


BC asked TE to look into what roads are unadopted around Chirk and why. TE to action


BC gave the Council an update on the Natural Recourses Wales consultation.  He thought it was excellent. JA said she had received some complaints from residents that the process was appointment only.  BC explained that they were allowing people to turn up, but JA wanted it noted that this had not been advertised.



To note planning applications dealt through the Planning Committee.

P/2022/0336 –Demolition of Reception Building and Erection of Covered Loading Yard, Reception building and associated fencing and ancillary works – Kronospan Ltd – Chirk. Item covered – see item 35.



To receive oral reports from Council Representatives.

LO reported that residents had complained about parking on Lodgevale, there were concerns that people were having to walk in the road.  FH advised he would raise it with WCBC.  SW asked that Rhos Y Waun be looked at for the same issue. FH to action.





To receive oral reports from Local Members – Wrexham CBC.

FH reported:

-          It was a hectic couple of weeks with lots of meetings at Wrexham Council.

-          Organised Streetscene to look at Lodgevale.

-          Looking at getting Crogen resurfaced.

-          The bus shelter opposite Lodgevale had been cleaned and the hedges cut back.

-          The road sweeper had been around Chirk.

-          Met with Ken Skates and Ysgol y Waun School Council where children raised concerns about fuel costs, food costs and global warming.

-          The Christmas lights had been taken down with MH.


TE reported:

-          Wrexham Council had resurfaced Highfields.

-          Highlighted a call from a resident who had been offered roofing work by people in an unmarked white van.  Despite not asking for work to be done, the worker was on the roof when police arrived to stop it. JA asked if a warning could be put up on Council website.


There was a brief discussion amongst Councillors of other scams/rouge traders in the area regarding Council properties and insurance.


DG spoke about the public toilets having obscene graffiti.  DC asked if there was CCTV in the area the Clerk advised that there is a rotating camera that covers the entire car park.

BC advised he would speak to local PCSO, TE advised writing a letter to the Environment department at Wrexham Council.

Action: Clerk to organise.



To discuss and agree final plans for School leavers gifts.

FH reported that following discussions with the School regarding the leavers gift, asked if the Council could give a monetary contribution to the School towards the cost of the hoodies.

BH requested that Pentre children have Bibles.

JA proposed £10 per head for Ysgol y Waun and Bibles for Pentre School.  BH seconded, all agreed.

Action: Clerk to purchase Bibles and arrange contribution to Ysgol Y Waun.          



Receive a report on Chirk Carnival

FH gave a verbal report along with the Clerk.

·         Over 4,000 people in attendance – double what was expected.

·         Next year the Carnival requires more volunteers, more toilets, different exits and entrance systems and more litter bins.

·         £4,000 surplus funds now sat in an account and Council can decide to either use that money to purchase something for the community or keep it in the pot for the next Carnival.  The Council unanimously agreed to keep the money for next years Carnival at this time.  JA asked that this be ringfenced, FH & BC advised it was.

·         Over 120 children attended the school disco on the Friday evening.  The Community Cupboard provided refreshments, and Scott DJ’d.

·         Clerk already has list of business’ ready for the next year.

·         One incident with man and two dogs – Police involved. One official complaint.


BC felt that it was important that this event was a family event. 


SW wished it to be minuted that the Taverns music was far too loud and interfered with the opening of the Carnival.  As a new business, she felt this was disrespectful.


FH wished to thank all of the volunteers who helped on the day and in the run up and clear up, and wanted it noted that Joss and Sam of Fair Event Management had done an outstanding job.



To discuss issues relating to fencing in Chapel Lane and Black Park.

There have been 3 complaints:

·         In Black Park one resident is constantly getting footballs over his fence and another resident has complained about the constant noise of the footballs on the fence.

·         A similar problem with footballs going over a resident’s fence in Pentre and Chapel Lane.


FH asked that himself, BC and KB go to look at the three sites and review.  JA asked that it be brought back to Council.


BH wanted it noted that residents of Pentre do not want any fences put on the hill.


JA requested that residents be informed of any changes before so that they may have a say.



To discuss CCTV for Lodgevale and Offa.

Councillors discussed adding to the CCTV in Lodgevale. The Clerk advised Council that there is no budget this year for additional CCTV but could look into it with a view of including it in April 2023’s budget.


There was a discussion amongst Councillors about the benefits of having/not having more CCTV.  The majority of Councillors expressed an interest in getting more CCTV as soon as budget allows.


JA asked about the possibility of the CCTV being moved out of Clerk office and police trained to view it.


Actions:    -      Clerk to contact MFS systems for a quote in first instance. 

-           Chase the CCTV online access. 

-           Send letter to the Police Inspector asking PCSO’s to come in for training.



To receive the report of the Clerk – includes updates, correspondence & speed sign data

The Clerk gave a verbal report to Council.

Main points covered:

·         Two Police incidents logged – 1) Dangerous dog and 2) Fire of bench at Longfield.

·         An Insurance claim relating to an incident in Chapel Lane playground had been received.  Play inspection report documentation was sent to insurance company, which documented low risk, however, the insurance company admitted liability and paid out compensation.  TE ask that we put a disclaimer on all parks.

            Action: Clerk to look into signage and if a disclaimer would help.

·         There had been six code of conduct complaints made to the Ombudsman. Four are not being investigated and two are being taken to full investigation.

·         Year-end accounts complete, but Internal Audit was not completed in time to meet the 30th June deadline for approval, due to the Clerk’s recent absence.  82 audit items were uploaded to the Auditors on Monday. The Clerk had contacted Audit Wales regarding amending the dates for the audit notice and public inspection which was agreed due to some degree in flexibility in dates.

·         The Clerk thanked the Council for support.

·         Correspondence from Kronospan regarding Annual emergency alarm test.  A Facebook post has been created by the Council to inform residents.

·         Letter received from pupils at Pentre school sending thanks to the Council for jubilee pins.

·         The Adult well-being team at Wrexham Council want to set up a mental health hub in Chirk. They would like to work in conjunction with the Community Cupboard and Coffee Morning.  It will be run by a Social Worker, but have requested free room hire.  FH stated as a Community we should support this service. JA is concerned that a Social Worker is not qualified enough and the building is not private enough.


JA proposed that the Clerk speaks to the Well-Being team and offers a site visit of the Parish Hall or Glyn Wylfa which has a separate entrance.  All agreed.

Action: Clerk to speak to the Adult wellbeing team.


DC asked if we could put the Pentre school letter thanking the Council for the jubilee pins on Facebook.  All agreed.

Action: RAG to upload post to Facebook.



To decide upon appeals for financial assistance received.

Two requests for financial support received:


-          AAA’s Football Club - request a general donation. MH declared an interest.

            The Clerk advised that they last received a donation in 2018.

            TE proposed £500, FH seconded. All agreed. 

            SW then asked to make an amendment but was advised it was too late as Council had             agreed.


-          Ysgol Pentre and PTFA - request donation for five new balance bikes. BH declared an interest.

            JA proposed £375 which is the cost of five bikes.  MH seconded. All agreed



To decide items for inclusion on next agenda.


JA requested a Parish Hall Committee meting as soon as possible to discuss the kitchen and other areas that need looking at.


JA has arranged for the Circle of Friends to do a food hygiene course and offered the Councillors and staff some training places.


There will be a Circle of Friends meeting on 15/07/2022 where hyperfans deep clean facility will be doing a demo. This is open to anyone who wants to come at 2.30pm


TE raised concerned about the unpleasant smell in the Main Hall.


FH advised that the tourist sign by the Church is dangerous.

Action: Clerk to look into.


FH has requested an agenda item on Carbon Literacy.


FH & MH secured Goalposts for Lodgevale, these still need to be installed.


TE would like a General Purposes Committee to discuss Wales in Bloom and the progression of the  Lengthman’s post.


JA requested a Staffing Committee to progress the Lengthman’s post.





The meeting then moved to Confidential – Part 2 – Press and Public to be excluded.  Minutes on separate document.




Meeting closed 20.36






Signed                            Chairman                                                                    Date