held in person at the Parish Hall and virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC),                                Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),              Mr Gareth Baines (GB),

Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),                          Mr Newman James (NJ),         Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),

Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),                                     Mr Frank Hemmings (FH),      Mr Mark Roberts (MR), Mrs Deborah Cooke (DC),                                              Mrs Sarah Appleton (SA),       Mr Lee Bunn (LB),

Mrs Linda Oliver (LO).                          


Also in attendance:

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council,  

Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) – Administration Officer

Mrs Yvie Bernett (YB) – Community Agent

3 Members of Public









Welcome and Introductions

For the benefit of the three new Councillors and members of the public, all Council representatives introduced themselves.


To elect the Chair of Chirk Town Council for 2022/23 and witness the acceptance of office

Cllr. Sarah Williams proposed Cllr. Brian Colley for the position of Chairman.  This was seconded by Cllr. Deborah Cooke. There were no other nominations. The Council agreed to appoint Cllr. Colley as Chairman. BC thanked all members for their trust.


BC on behalf of the Council thanked Cllr. Frank Hemmings for his time as Chairman.



To receive report from retiring Chair

FH spoke about the Town meeting, planning and hybrid installation and transfer of Christmas Lights to Chirk Town Council.  FH thanked all the staff of the Council for their hard work.  FH also wished to thank all the Councillors for their support, especially BC.

Finally, FH thanked Lynne Painter, Burgoyne and Michael Maxfield for all their work.



To elect the Vice-Chair of Chirk Town Council for 2022/23 and witness the acceptance of office.

Cllr. Barbara Humphreys proposed Cllr. Jackie Allen for Vice-Chair, Cllr Dot Griffiths seconded.

Cllr Sarah Williams proposed Cllr. Frank Hemmings as Vice-Chair, Cllr Deborah Cooke seconded.

A ballot was undertaken, and Cllr Frank Hemmings was duly elected as Vice-Chair.



To receive and accept Apologies for Absence through the Clerk

Cllr’s Evans and Holmes made apologies.  The Council accepted the apologies.



To make Declarations of interest on items on the agenda





To review Terms of Reference and determine the number of places on each Council Committee

The Terms of Reference were reviewed for all Committees, FH proposed that the Festive Lights Committee be amalgamated with the proposed new Events Committee, DC seconded.  All agreed. The Council agreed to add a new Grants committee.



To make appointments to the following committees:

8a. General Purposes Committee - Membership the full Council

8b. Planning Committee – Cllrs. Brian Colley, Sarah Appleton, Barbara Humphreys, Mark Roberts, Sarah Williams, Jackie Allen, Mark Holmes, Terry Evans, Frank Hemmings, Dorothy Griffiths, Gareth Baines, Deborah Cooke.

8c. Finance Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Mark Holmes, Terry Evans, Sarah Williams, Gareth Baines, Jackie Allen, Sarah Appleton.

8d. Staffing & Policies Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Mark Roberts, Mark Holmes, Deborah Cooke, Linda Oliver, Jackie Allen, Gareth Baines, Sarah Appleton.

8e. Special Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllr. Sarah Williams.

8f. Consultations Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllr. Mark Roberts.

8g. Parish Hall Sub Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Mark Holmes, Barbara Humphreys, Newman James, Dorothy Griffiths, Jackie Allen, Deborah Cooke.

8h. Website – Task & Finish Working Party - Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Gareth Baines, Lee Bunn, Sarah Williams.

8i. Cemetery - Task & Finish Working Party – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Sarah Williams, Jackie Allen, Dorothy Griffiths, Terry Evans, Barbara Humphreys.

8j. Festive Lights & Events Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Newman James, Mark Roberts, Mark Holmes, Deborah Cooke, Linda Oliver, Brian Colley, Sarah Appleton.

8k. Grants Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Jackie Allen.



To agree appointments of Council Representatives on the following outside bodies:

9a. School Governors –

Ysgol Y Waun – Cllr. Deborah Cooke

Federated Pentre Controlled – Cllr. Barbara Humphreys

9b. Chirk Charities – Cllrs. Jackie Allen, Newman James, Mark Holmes and Frank Hemmings.

9c. Kronospan Liaison Committee Group – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Terry Evans, Sarah Williams, Brian Colley, Gareth Baines, Jackie Allen.

9d. Black Park Community Centre – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Sarah Williams. FH suggested looking into this as no meetings have been taking place.

9e. One Voice Wales Wrexham/Flint Area Committee – Cllrs. Jackie Allen, Mark Roberts.

9f. Shrewsbury/Chester Rail Users Association - Cllr. Jackie Allen.

9g. Chirk Air Training Corps – Cllr. Mark Roberts.

9h. Penybont Liaison Group – Cllr. Frank Hemmings, Barbara Humphries, Jackie Allen. 

9i. Chirk Youth Football Club – Cllr. Frank Hemmings, Newman James, Mark Holmes, Mark Roberts.

9j. Footpath Liaison Cllr. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley.

9k. Chirk & Ceiriog Valley Partnership – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Deputy Gareth Baines. – Not met since Covid 19.

9l. Chirk Community Forum – Cllr. Terry Evans.

Action: Clerk to clarify with TE if the forum is still active.

9m. Chirk Recreation Ground Trust - All members of the Chirk Town Council.

9n. Wrexham Town & Community Council Forum - Chair, Vice-Chair & Clerk.

9o. Glyn Valley Tramway Trust – Cllr. Jackie Allen.

9p. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Champion Cllr Frank Hemmings.




To agree dates of meetings of the Council 2022/23.

FH proposed to agree the presented dates. JA seconded. All agreed.


Action: Clerk to add to website.



To receive information of Members attendance at meetings of the Council 2021/22.

The Council noted the attendance data.         



To approve and adopt the Standing Orders for Chirk Town Council.

The Clerk highlighted the amendment on page 7 section 3A to reflect multi location attendance.  

JA proposed to accept the amendment and approve the Standing Orders. BH seconded. All agreed.



To approve the following banking/payment requirements as per the Financial Regulations:

The Clerk drew attention to the Financial Regulations which required annual approvals.  

          13a. To appoint a member, other than the Chairman to verify the bank reconciliations for all accounts (section 2.2)

          The Council agreed to Cllr Jackie Allen to undertake this role.


          13b. To review the bank mandates (5.1)

          The Council reviewed all bank mandates as presented; the Clerk brought it to Council’s attention that the Chairmans account is being charged £8 per month.  JA suggested petty cash, BC suggested it may be simpler to ringfence the amount in the main account.  JA proposed that the Chairmans account be closed and added to the Community Account.  FH seconded. All agreed.

          JA proposed Cllr Frank Hemmings to be added to the bank mandates in place of Chris Burgoyne. BH seconded the proposal. All agreed.

          Action: Clerk to make necessary amendments.


          13c. To authorise the regular payments (5.6)

          The Clerk went through all the monthly regular contracts, fixed direct debits, variable direct debits, annual subscriptions and contracts.

          JA proposed to authorise approval of the regular payments. NJ seconded, all agreed.



To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Ordinary meeting held on 27th April 2022.

The minutes were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by NJ and seconded by SW as a true account of the meeting. Unanimously agreed.         



To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Community Town meeting held on 27th April 2022.

The minutes were reviewed. NJ stated there was an error, as MM was down as haven given apologies and being present.  NJ was present at the meeting but was not listed.

With this amendment SW proposed the minutes were a true account of the meeting. DG seconded. All agreed.              




To consider any matters arising from the Minutes received above not reported elsewhere.

Item 161 - Action for FH to look into ownership of hospital drive -  JA will make enquires as she has a meeting with Hospital estates team.

JA asked about addendum to Council fees being added to the minutes.  The Clerk advised that this still needs completing. 


FH spoke about travellers’ site; he is still awaiting an update.


DC and the Clerk gave an update on the Carnival, and the school Disco planned for the evening before.  JA asked how you stop people from not paying.  Clerk advised that the carnival will be secured with fencing whilst still allowing free and open access to part of the Recreational Ground, skate park and children’s play area.

JA requested that tickets be provided to Chirk Court for those who wish to attend.

DG asked about parking.  FH advised that Kronospan and Mondelez have provided parking, and the

Clerk advised that the Parish Hall would be used for disabled/blue badge parking.


DC spoke about Jubilee plans. The Clerk reported stock issues with pin badges for school children, RAG to look into sourcing an alternative if original cannot be secured.  Clerk advised Council that RBL had provided a flag and bunting for the picnic.   FH and BC to do a reading on behalf of Council at Church Service.


SW asked about progressing Monkey Puzzle Tree.



To note Planning applications dealt through the Planning Committee.


The Clerk spoke about the Kronospan Planning Consultation and advised there would be a site visit 25th May 2022.



To receive oral reports from Council Representatives.

DC reminded Councillors that there would be a tea dance at the Parish Hall 25th May 2022 as a pre-jubilee event.


A member of public mentioned that there had been children up the mount setting fires, when the lady tried to confront those responsible, she was given verbal abuse.  The incident involved four  children at approximately 3.30pm.

JA spoke about the increase in vandalism – Longfield’s, Chirk Station and outside Spar.  JA requested that we ask the police to attend the next meeting to discuss. Clerk to action.

LO mentioned that she had witnessed anti social behaviour in Offa Park.

There is concerns that drugs may be being used on the skatepark. 

JA spoke about youths being on Chapel Lane in the early hours of the morning.

DG raised the issue that several residents in her area are frightened.


BC proposed that the Council issue a press release, SW seconded. All agreed.

FH advised to speak to PCSO, in particular PCSO Kim who deals with the schools.

NJ suggested that the Council should move forward quicker with more CCTV. JA agreed.


FH advised Council that there had been numerous reports of issues with footballs, both in Black Park and Chapel Lane. The Clerk, BC & FH will be doing a site visit with Richard Roberts to see if and how the issues can be resolved.


DC raised the fact that there is no dropped curb by the Church, which is causing an issue for a resident on a mobility scooter.


Action: FH to speak to Wrexham Council.




To receive oral reports from Local Members – Wrexham CBC.

FH reported on the following:

·         All WCBC Councillors have signed Declaration of Interest forms for next five years.

·         Both FH & TE have attended Code of Conduct training.

·         A meeting will be held soon to elect new Mayor and Committees.


BC asked if there was any further information of Wrexham’s bid for City of Culture. FH advised that the judges were happy with what they saw, but he had no further information on what the outcome would be.



To agree the 2022 school leavers gift.

Ysgol Y Waun had the hoodies funded due to the pandemic. Members noted that the children do wear the hoodies as they have been seen in the area. JA noted that the Council only agreed to the hoodies for the last two years and wishes the Council to revert back to the previous gift of the book token.  SW requested that the children continued to receive hoodies as this is what they wanted.  JA reminded council that the agreed budget is £10 per student.

BH is to speak to Pentre school to discuss what they wish to receive this year.

NJ requested that the children in Pentre receive something useful rather than a bible.


Councillors to decide at next Council meeting what they wish to purchase to allow Clerk to order in time.

Action: Clerk to add to agenda



To agree the payment to enable the extension of the Fareshare scheme to support the Community Cupboard.

YB gave an update on the Community Cupboard.  The Fareshare initiative has saved over 712 tonnes of food from waste.  The Cupboard has been extremely busy that limits have had to be put on some products.  The Community Cupboard has over £3,000 in funds and wishes to have approval from Council to spend £1,856 renewing the Fareshare membership for another 12 months.

JA asked about the legalities of the Council funding this in future. Action – Clerk to look into.


FH spoke about the success of the cupboard.  BH asked if we could charge for the products, YB explained that the Fareshare agreement prevents products being sold.  The Clerk explained that the coffee morning raises money each week for the Community Cupboard.  The Clerk gave a brief overview of some of the difficulties that can be faced, the dangers of interacting with some people.  BC gave thanks to YB and the volunteers and stated that Glyn Wylfa would be willing to help more.


FH proposed the spending of funds to renew Fareshare.  SW seconded, all agreed.



To discuss and agree if Council meetings should be recorded.

The Clerk spoke about option of recording Council meetings. 

JA proposed that meetings are recorded but not published due to GDPR.  The Clerk advised Council on the processes and other Councils who recorded meetings.  JA advised that this is something she wants to put on OVW agenda.  FH asked about storage.  Action – Clerk to look into.

JA proposed we start recording meetings for private use (to assist Clerk with minutes).  BH seconded. All agreed.






To decide upon appeals for financial assistance received.

None received.



To present items for inclusion on the next agenda.

Members requested that CCTV for Lodgevale and Offa be considered.


A member of public requested to discuss Kronospan. He wished to raise concerns about noise, fibres and dust.  They have made complaints to both Wrexham Council and Kronospan and wanted to establish if Chirk Town Council had seen any of the complaints.  FH advised that the Liaison Group only get a summary report.  JA advised that this had come up at a liaison meeting three years ago and GDPR prevented anyone outside of Kronospan seeing the books.

There was a discussion on how involved the Council could be with complaints without becoming liable. FH wants to push Natural Resources Wales to set up a complaints email.  BC will escalate permit.




Meeting closed 21:50






Signed                            Chairman                                                                    Date