Held at the Parish hall and virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Frank Hemming (FH) - Chairman,       Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),             Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),          Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),                                  Mr Terry Evans (TE),              Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB),

Mr Brian Colley (BC),                                             Miss Lynne Painter (LP),        Mrs Deborah Cooke (DC),   
Mr Newman James (NJ),                                    Mr Mark Roberts (MR),         Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),    
Mr Michael Maxfield (MM).


Also in attendance:

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council,  

Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) – Administration Officer   

Mr Alex Knopp – Member of the public

Ryan -CloudyIT – Hybrid Support (First 10 minutes)




To Accept Apologies for Absence

Cllr Gareth Baines is currently suspended.

No apologies were received.



To make Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda




To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Council meeting held on 26th January 2022.

The minutes were reviewed. BC proposed the minutes as a true account, JA seconded. All agreed.



To consider any matters arising from the Minutes received above not reported elsewhere

Item 115 – Clerk had received a request from a member of public asking if the minutes from the Kronospan Liaison Group can go on the website.  All Councillors agreed. BC also added that a summary of the meeting with Ian Bancroft would be available to be published on the website.


The Clerk advised that Toby Zorn would be offering training on the air filtration monitoring systems on 7th March 2022 at 6pm.  A Council meeting regarding Kronospan would follow at 7pm. 

Action: FH asked that RAG take notes at the 6pm meeting to be distributed to Councillors.



To confirm and sign the minutes from the Finance Committee held 26th January 2022.

The Finance Committee report and recommendations were reviewed.  JA proposed the minutes as a true account, TE seconded. All agreed.



To note planning applications dealt with through the Planning Committee.

The Planning Committee had no objection to the following applications:-

·         P/2022/0056 - Single Storey Rear Extension -  Brackendale, Holyhead Road, Chirk, Wrexham.

·         P/2022/0048 - Erection of 3 removable bollards, Chirk Castle, Chirk, Wrexham.

·         P/2022/0055 - Works to trees in Chirk Conservation Area, Chain Bank, Castle Road, Chirk, Wrexham.

·         P/2022/0066 - Extension of existing caravan site consisting of caravan pitches with tarmac road, glamping units, safari tents, car park, linen storage shed and paths linking to units caravan site, Lady Margaret’s Park, Chirk, Wrexham.

·         P/2022/0110 - Single Storey Rear Extension And Alterations To Front Of Property With Dropped Kerb And Provision Of Two Parking Spaces 25 Offa, Lodgevale Park, Chirk.

·         P/2022/0079 - Single Storey Extension Sunnyside, Shepherds Lane, Chirk, Wrexham.



To receive oral reports from Local Members – Wrexham CBC

TE reported the usual ongoing issues of streetlight outage, potholes etc.

BH commented that the road at Pentre had been cleared.  FH stated it wasn’t very good that the hedge trimmers did not take the trimmings.

FH reported that there are a lot of requests for new driveways.



To receive the Oral reports from Council Representatives.

DC gave an update on 147@the parish – the new youth initiative;  donations have been received, safeguarding training booked and DBS checks are being completed in the next couple of weeks.


DC & FH advised Council about Chirk Carnival on 28th May 2022.

A discussion was carried out regarding a local organisation - Fair Event Management wanting to hold a Carnival on Chirk Recreational Ground in partnership with the Council.  The event will be completely organised, set up and run by FEM and all insurances and health and safety requirements  are provided by them. The Council discussed a number of issues regarding the event such as the proximity to the Queens jubilee and potential damage to the park.  The Clerk advised the Council that the event date could not be moved and assurances had been provided that the park will be returned back to the original condition. FH advised that the Council should not turn down such a fantastic opportunity for the people of Chirk.  All money raised will go into future events for Chirk. CB asked that there is a written contract.


TE advised that a £1,000 grant had been approved from WCBC city of culture for Chirk Carnival. The Clerk and FH advised that they were unaware of any grant application.  JA was concerned that this could be a separate event.


NJ asked that Council take a vote tonight to move it forward. NJ proposed that Chirk Carnival be allowed to be added to the agenda and voted on to proceed with the event. SW seconded.  All agreed.


Action: Clerk to find out who the grant has been awarded to.


BC advised that Glyn Wylfa has been awarded a city of culture grant for an art project by Jim Heath and others, the schedule of events will be made available to the Council shortly.



To share the outcome of year end External Audit 2020/2021.

The Clerk advised that although delayed, the completed audit report is one of only a few Council’s that have received their report.  The Clerk confirmed that the Council had passed the audit with no concerns.  A copy will be published on the website.

The Council formally thanked the Clerk.



To discuss transforming towns grant.

FH advised there was a meeting with Andrew Harradine from WCBC about the transforming towns grant.  The grant has to be match funded.   Andrew Harradine advised getting a consultant to find out what people want and what grants are available. JA highlighted the consultation outcome that was undertaken four years ago has already done this. TE and BC  agreed to joined JA and FH to form a small working group to progress this grant and report back.  Council agreed.



To receive Independent Renumeration Panel for Wales (IRPW) Annual report and agree Councillors Allowance for 2021/2022.

The Council went through section 13 of the IRPW annual report relating to Community and Town Councillors allowances and unanimously agreed the following:

The Clerk noted that Chirk Town Council falls into ‘Group B’

Determination 44: £500 optional payment for specific responsibilities– not required.

Determination 45 : Travel expenses – Council agreed to pay.

Determination 46: Overnight stays – Not required at this time but NJ noted this may be required in the future.

Determination 47 – Expenses paid for loss of earnings. Council agreed to pay

Determination 48 & 49 – Chair can receive £1,500 and vice chair £500 – Not required.


Clerk to action members payments before the financial year end.



To discuss plans for the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Clerk discussed the following National ideas with Council:

-          The Royal British Legion are providing an official plaque for the Oak tree priced at £149.99.  NJ proposed to purchase the tree plaque, CB seconded. All agreed.

-          Did Council want to hold a Civil Service with Rev Matt Wilkinson?   All agreed a service of thanksgiving to the Queen would be appropriate.

-          Beacon lighting. Wrexham Council will be leading this.

-          The Jubilee lunch from Friday to Sunday is picnic in the park or street parties led by the Eden Project. There is a proposal to have a picnic in the park on Friday 3rd June at Chirk Recreational Ground.

-          Does the Council want bunting for town? – unanimously agreed to purchase. JA asked for additional bunting for Pentre and Black Park.


TE highlighted that a lot of street parties are already planned for the Jubilee weekend in Chirk, but others noted that not all areas could have a street party due to being on a bus route and liked the idea of the picnic in the park. BH asked if there could be a Picnic in the park in Pentre.


NJ would like to see a community Picnic in the Park, SW agreed. JA further proposed three Picnic in the Park events in Black Park, Pentre and Chirk Recreation Grounds to cover all areas. DC felt that three events is not bringing the community together. Council requested that this be discussed further at a General Purposes Committee.

Action:  Clerk to put on General Purposes Committee agenda.



To review the residents concerns of Chirk Surgery.

Council discussed the ongoing problems at Chirk surgery relating to:

-          Time waiting for appointments

-          Using the external surgery window to take confidential details from patients, when restrictions are being lifted, seems inappropriate.

FH advised that the Council will write to the Surgery to raise these concerns.

JA reported that she is holding a surgery at the Parish Hall for complaints that she can then take back to the cluster Community Health Council meeting.





To review quote received for CCTV repairs.

The Clerk presented the quote for repairs to the CCTV and confirmed that the Council are underspent in the environmental budget this year. NJ proposed to proceed with he repairs, CB seconded. All agreed. 

JA asked that future budgeting reflects ongoing repairs to the CCTV. NJ asked that MFS give us a 3 year summary of proposed expenditure to help with budgeting.

Action: Clerk to notify MFS to proceed with repair works and discuss future budget requirements.





To receive the report of the Clerk – includes updates, correspondence & speed sign data.

The Clerk highlighted key points from the written report. 

-          Hybrid technology has been installed.  We are experiencing some teething problems with the audio and are seeking support.

-          The new website is in progress.

-          Millennium gardens works has been completed.

-          Rainbow Foundation Day Opportunities postponed start until 21/02/22. 

-          Interim internal audit. A few minor points raised, no major concerns . Awaiting report.

-          H&S update.


The speed sign data was noted as the V85 (85th percentile) is 33mph, and 28.6% of traffic was above 30mph.



To decide upon appeals for financial assistance received.

None received.



To seek approval of payments made between 19/01/2022 to 11/02/2022.


A list of payments between 19/01/2022 to 11/02/22 amounting to £23,490.87 (including VAT) was presented to the Council.  MM proposed and CB seconded that the payments be approved. Unanimously agreed.



To confirm date of next ordinary Council meeting as 30th March 2022 and present items for inclusion on the agenda.

No items for agenda.


NJ reported to TE the big pothole by Longfields.


FH spoke about Storm Eunice. 



Meeting closed 20:30  




   Signed                                                          Chairman                                                                    Date