held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing




Cllrs Mr Brian Colley (BC) Chairman, Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),              Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),

Mr Terry Evans (TE),                           Miss Lynne Painter (LP),         Mrs Dorothy Griffiths (DG),

Mr Gareth Baines (GB),                      Mrs Deborah Cooke (DC).



Mrs Karen Brown (KB), Clerk to the Council.
Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) – Administration Officer




To Accept Apologies for Absence

Apologies were submitted and accepted from Cllrs Sarah Williams, Mark Holmes, and Mr Mark Roberts,



To make Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda



P/2021 /0431 - Erection Of Classroom Ysgol Y Waun Junior School, Lloyds Lane, Chirk,  Wrexham (Amended Plans)

Councillors discussed the application and felt that the caretaker’s bungalow on site should be converted rather than demolished for a new extension. JA reported that this was due to Welsh Government funding being for new build only. The Council acknowledged that this extension was a necessary need for the school.


Members felt the key concerns were the industrial style building was out of character for the area and the siting of the new build was wrong and an extension at the back of the school would work better.


DC raised additional concerns relating to the impact of carparking in the Leisure Centre.


GB proposed to acknowledge the need for the extension but object on the grounds of both the visual and car parking impact. JA seconded the proposal. The Committee agreed.


Action: Clerk to send letter to Wrexham Planning.




P/2021/ 0725 – Development Of A Warehouse And Ancillary Works – Kronospan Ltd, Holyhead Road, Chirk

TE highlighted an email received from Mathew Phillips – Wrexham Council Lead Planning Officer stating that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) would not be requested.


GB read out the email and a detailed response containing 11 specific points covering the visual impact, previous planning appeal, legal precedence, environmental and wellbeing.

Action: GB to circulate wording to all Councillors and Clerk via email.


JA drew attention to the wording of ‘Ancillary works in the surrounding vicinity’  and questioned what is planned for the ancillary works. Request that further detail is provided.


The Chairman highlighted the points the Council had already made at the pre-planning stage and it was agreed that these points would all remain for this objection.


GB proposed to add the 11 additional items plus the unknown ancillary works to the objection letter. The Clerk highlighted that some points were already made and these points would be merged.


The Planning Committee also agreed to request that a representative from Chirk Town Council attend the Wrexham Planning Committee to make representation.


Action: Clerk to submit objection letter to Wrexham Planning.



P/2021/0744 – Erection Of HGV Workshop And MOT Centre – AN Richards Haulage Yard, B5605 Newbridge Road, Pentre.

BH highlighted that this site is within the buffer zone of the 11 mile World Heritage Site; from which the development would be clearly visible. BH would like to see planting of tree to screen off the site.  This was supported by Members who also noted that although an existing business is on the site this application is subsequent to the area being granted World Heritage  status.  


Parking on the main Newbridge Road was a concern. Does the site have adequate parking for both staff and customers. Discussion ensued about the entrance off Newbridge Road and the section of road being dangerous and the possibility of double yellow lines. This concluded with the Committee acknowledging the current access is adequate and that Highways are in control of this element, not Planning.


TE noted that the garage had been there for approximately 100 years and this extension would create an additional six jobs which is great news for the area. TE fully supported the application.


GB proposed to overall support the application if adequate screening is put around the site, the site has adequate parking and any Section 106 funding to benefit the residents of Pentre. TE seconded the proposal. All agreed.


Action: Clerk to submit letter to Wrexham Planning.



Meeting closed 17:55


Signed                                                        Chairman                                                              Date