held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs Mr Brian Colley (BC) Chairman, Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),              Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),

Mr Terry Evans,                                   Miss Lynne Painter (LP),         Mr Michael Maxfield (MM),

Mr Mark Roberts,                               Mrs Dorothy Griffiths,


Mrs Karen Brown (KB), Clerk to the Council.
Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) Administration Officer




To Accept Apologies for Absence

Apologies were submitted and accepted from Cllrs Sarah Williams, Gareth Baines, Mark Holmes, and Deborah Cooke.



To make Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda



Kronospan Plans to submit planning application for Warehouse

BC summarised the pre-planning consultation on the new warehouse alongside Holyhead Road.


Discussion was held and the following observations, criticisms and reservations were made.


         The substantial footprint

-          The size and height of the building is not in keeping with the historical area.

-          Proximity to local residents.

-          Height of the pitched roof is too high.


         The existing entrance is not sufficient

-          An increase in the number of vehicles including HGVs using the existing entrance.

-          Impact on the weighbridge additional vehicles will be entering/exiting site once new warehouse operational.

-          Weighbridge failure impact on the site and Chirk.


         Lack of any additional employment



-          Concerns of reduction in the bund, as the current bund was written into an existing operational planning permission which is still valid.

-          The current bund assists with noise reduction; if the bund is reduced this would have a negative noise impact.

-          Removal of mature trees in a conservation area.

-          The reduction of the bund will mean cutting down trees affecting the local biodiversity.

-          The bund does not go all the way along the new proposal.



-          The additional operational noise will be heard in Chirk as the development is so close the road.

-          Residents can hear the fork lift trucks now this will only get worse.

-          It states walls are to be insulated but what about when the doors are left open

-          The roof is not insulated.


         Operations from the warehouse

-          The plans do not state what type of operational work will be undertaken from the warehouse.

-          What plant/machinery is going in?

-          What type of machinery will be used on a daily basis (linked to noise impact)

-          Lack of clarity on the market change to what extent does it require a warehouse of this scale.


Additional comments that Members made were:


         Cement trucks are going in at night - concerns that works have already began.

         Concerns over field opposite Y Wern, Lodgevale. Why have the trees been planted what do they want to create a barrier for?


MR raised the issue that residents feel intimidated about going to Kronospan to view the plans for a range of reasons, but mainly people feel uncomfortable entering a manufacturing site. All members agreed and had similar feedback from residents. Members were only aware of one resident going to Kronospan reception to view the plans. JA proposed to write to Kronospan to request the plans be made available at the Parish Hall free of charge.

Action: Clerk to send letter on 08/06/2021.


JA suggested that the Clerk writes to Mr McKenna to request a site visit/tour in the near future. MR seconded. All agreed. Clerk to action.


Members felt that with only one week left for comments to be made this was not sufficient time. LP proposed to request an extension to the consultation deadline. TE seconded. All agreed. Clerk to action.


BC summarised all the comments to be feedback to the Agent. The Planning Committee unanimously agreed to submit these comments.

Action: Clerk to submit Councils comments.



P/2021/0482 Bungalows in Pentre, Chirk

BH went through the concerns for plots 8 and 9.  The footprint for the property is 240 sqm without a garage with minimal garden. This is not in keeping with the village.


Concerns were expressed that the Paddock which is for sale at the side and which is designated agriculture land, might be used as a garden.


The plans are not conforming to the outline planning permission as it has turned into a larger 5 bed property with 3 parking bays.


The overall objection is the size and scale in relation to the plot and the change from the original outline permission.


LP seconded BHs proposed objection. The Planning Committee agreed.


It was also added that Chirk Town Council recommends that Wrexham do a site visit to see the plot.


Action: Clerk to submit objection to Wrexham Council.



Non-agenda item

TE requested that at the next Kronospan Liaison Group meeting that there is an agenda item about the new access road. Agreed by all.



Meeting closed 19:56


Signed                                                        Chairman                                                              Date