held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs Mr Brian Colley (BC) Chairman, Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),              Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),

Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),                   Mr Gareth Baines (GB),           Mr Frank Hemmings (FH),     

Mr Terry Evans (TE),                           Miss Lynne Painter (LP),         Mr Newman James (NJ),

Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB),                     Mr Mark Holmes (MH),          


Mrs Karen Brown (KB), Clerk to the Council.
Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) – Administration Officer

Yvie Bernett (YB) – Community Agent




To Accept Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Cllr Dorothy Griffiths and Michael Maxfield.

Cllr Mark Roberts was not in attendance.



To make Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda



To discuss Chirk Community Cupboard project and agree a way forward

BC welcomed YB to the meeting and thanked her for the well prepared proposal document. YB summarised the quick development of the project. The main focus of the Community Cupboard project is to support people in need with food and secondly to reduce food waste going to landfill.


MH proposed to fully support Yvie and the Community Cupboard project. FH seconded the proposal.


Members had some questions before voting. JA asked about risk assessment and health and safety? YB confirmed that there was a Covid-19 risk assessment for both the delivery element and the community cupboard element. JA also asked about use of the toilets. KB confirmed that this is covered in the Council’s overall Parish Hall risk assessment.


YB explained that there will be a registration process upon arrival to comply with track, trace and protect, then the individual makes their food selection and leaves.


Members wanted assurances that this was a food cupboard only. YB confirmed that it was just the cupboard and no use of the kitchen facilities would be required.


GB asked what happens with surplus short life food – would other food banks use it? YB responded that Oswestry food bank will take anything with a reasonable shelf life on it. There is also the option to work with Glyn Ceriog community cupboard.


TE confirmed he was fully supportive of the project as there are people in need in Chirk. TE added that the Glyn Ceriog  project now has 6-8 volunteers due to being so successful. YB confirmed that she had visited this project to ascertain how it operates, and hopes that Chirk can build up to this.


SW asked if deliveries can be done. YB confirmed yes, especially if people are shielding/isolating.


After the first month, the project can be reassessed and possibly handed over to volunteers to run.


Members asked about how will people in need be identified. YB explained that she already had many contacts and people in need will be targeted. YB also added that the project was a good way to meet new clients in need of other support through the Community Agent programme.


SW asked about opening times. YB confirmed that the initial proposal is 5-7pm on Wednesdays, not too late for the elderly, after school and after work time. This also combines with a time slot when the Parish Hall would usually be open for another event, so there is no additional staffing resource needed.


YB said that the project is called community cupboard and not a food bank to remove any stigma associated with a food bank. It will be open to anyone in Chirk.


NJ proposed an amendment – to support the project with free use of Committee room 2 until after the pandemic is officially over.


GB made a further amendment – to support the project with free use of the cupboard under the stairs (aka. phone box) and review once the official end of the pandemic is declared. TE seconded the proposal. Unanimously agreed.


YB thanked the Council and said it would reflect well on the Council within the community.  




Meeting closed 18:30  



Signed                                    Chairman                                                              Date