held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC),                                Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),              Mr Gareth Baines (GB),

Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),                          Mr Newman James (NJ),         Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),

Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),                                     Miss Lynne Painter (LP),         Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB),

Mr Frank Hemmings (FH),                                 Mr Terry Evans (TE),               Mr Mark Holmes (MH),

Mr Michael Maxfield (MM),                             Mr Mark Roberts (MR),          Mrs Deborah Cooke (DC),


Also in attendance:

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council,  

Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG) – Administration Officer



To elect the Chair of Chirk Town Council for 2021/22 and witness the acceptance of office

Cllr. Gareth Baines proposed Cllr. Frank Hemmings for the position of Chairman.  This was seconded by Cllr. Jackie Allen. There were no other nominations. The Council unanimously agreed to appoint Cllr. Hemmings as Chairman. FH thanked all members for their trust.


FH on behalf of the Council thanked Cllr. Brian Colley for his time as Chairman during a very difficult time.



To receive report from retiring Chair

BC highlighted that it had a been an extremely challenging two years and referred to his full report presented at the last meeting. In summary, despite the challenges, the Council had used this time effectively and achieved a lot. There is still a lot more to do but good progress had been made and a good basis laid for modernising the Council. BC thanked all staff and Councillors for their hard work and support.



To elect the Vice-Chair of Chirk Town Council for 2021/22 and witness the acceptance of office.

Cllr. Sarah Williams proposed Cllr. Brian Colley for Vice-Chair, Cllr Mark Holmes seconded.

Cllr Dorothy Griffiths proposed Cllr. Gareth Baines as Vice-Chair, Cllr Jackie Allen seconded.

A secret ballot was undertaken and Cllr Brian Colley was duly elected as Vice-Chair.



To receive and accept Apologies for Absence through the Clerk




To make Declarations of interest on items on the agenda




To review Terms of Reference and determine the number of places on each Council Committee

The Terms of Reference were reviewed for all Committees and the following amendments were proposed by JA and seconded by SW.

·    Planning Committee to increase to 12 members.

·    Staffing & Polices Committee to increase to 9 members.

·    Website Task & Finish Working Group agreed with 5 members.

·    Cemetery Task & Finish Working Group agreed with 6 members.



To make appointments to the following committees:

7a. General Purposes Committee - Membership the full Council

7b. Planning Committee – Cllrs. Brian Colley, Michael Maxfield, Barbara Humphreys, Mark Roberts, Sarah Williams, Jackie Allen, Mark Holmes, Terry Evans, Lynne Painter, Dorothy Griffiths, Gareth Baines, Deborah Cooke.

7c. Finance Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Mark Holmes, Terry Evans,  Sarah Williams, Gareth Baines, Jackie Allen, Chris Burgoyne.

7d. Staffing & Policies Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Mark Roberts, Mark Holmes, Deborah Cooke, Lynne Painter, Jackie Allen, Gareth Baines, Chris Burgoyne.

7e. Special Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllr. Sarah Williams.

7f. Consultations Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllr. Mark Roberts.

7g. Parish Hall Sub Committee – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Mark Holmes, Barbara Humphreys, Michael Maxfield, Newman James, Dorothy Griffiths, Jackie Allen, Deborah Cooke.

7h. Website – Task & Finish Working Party  - Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley, Gareth Baines, Lynne Painter, Chris Burgoyne.

7i. Cemetery - Task & Finish Working Party – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Lynne Painter, Sarah Williams, Jackie Allen, Dorothy Griffiths, Terry Evans.



To agree appointments of Council Representatives on the following outside bodies:

8a. School Governors –

Ysgol Y Waun – Cllr. Dorothy Griffiths

Federated Pentre Controlled – Cllr. Barbara Humphreys

8b. Chirk Charities – Cllrs. Jackie Allen, Newman James, Mark Holmes and Frank Hemmings. SW noted that she would like to be considered as a member in the future.

8c. Kronospan Liaison Committee Group – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Terry Evans, Sarah Williams, Brian Colley, Gareth Baines.

BH proposed JA become a member, however Council felt that as JA was the Chair of the group this was not supported.

8d. Black Park Community Centre – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Sarah Williams. 

8e. One Voice Wales Wrexham/Flint Area Committee – Cllrs. Jackie Allen, Mark Roberts.

8f. Shrewsbury/Chester Rail Users Association - Cllr. Jackie Allen.

8g. Chirk Air Training Corps – Cllr. Jackie Allen.

8h. Penybont Liaison Group – Cllr. Frank Hemmings, Barbara Humphries, Jackie Allen. 

8i. Chirk Youth Football Club – Cllr. Michael Maxfield, Newman James, Mark Holmes, Mark Roberts.

8j. Footpath Liaison Cllr. Frank Hemmings, Brian Colley.

8k. Chirk & Ceiriog Valley Partnership – Cllrs. Frank Hemmings, Deputy Gareth Baines.

8l. Chirk Celebrations & Lights Committee – Cllr. Frank Hemmings, Newman James, Mark Roberts, Deborah Cooke, Mark Holmes.

8m. Chirk Community Forum – Cllr. Terry Evans, Jackie Allen.

8n. Chirk Recreation Ground Trust - All members of the Chirk Town Council.

8o. Wrexham Town & Community Council Forum - Chair, Vice-Chair & Clerk.

8p. Glyn Valley Tramway Trust – Cllr. Jackie Allen.

8q. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Champion Cllr Frank Hemmings.

          8r. Grants Subcommittee – Cllr. Jackie Allen, Terry Evans, Gareth Baines, Barbara                         Humphries.



The following actions were agreed:

Clerk to send letter to Black Park Community Centre requesting the date for the next meeting.

JA to write to Glyn Valley Tramway Trust regarding upcoming meetings.



To agree dates of meetings of the Council 2021/22.

SW proposed to agree the presented dates. TE seconded. All agreed. Action: Clerk to add to website.



To receive information of Members attendance at meetings of the Council 2020/21.

The Council noted the attendance data.         



To approve and adopt the Standing Orders for Chirk Town Council.

11a. To approve an Addendum to the Standing Orders for Chirk Town Council

The Clerk highlighted the addition of 8b to allow for a secret ballot, as previously agreed. The Clerk also provided background to the addendum to allow for hybrid meetings. It was noted that section 3a of the Standing Orders which relates to meetings not taking place in premises which are used for the supply of alcohol is no longer relevant under the new legislation.  


BC proposed to remove paragraph 3a, and agree to the inclusion of 8b and the addendum to the Council’s Standing Orders. TE seconded. All agreed.



To approve the following banking/payment requirements as per the Financial Regulations:

The Clerk drew attention to the newly adopted Financial Regulations which required some additional annual approvals.  

          12a. To appoint a member, other than the Chairman to verify the bank reconciliations for all accounts (section 2.2)

          The Council agreed to Cllr Chris Burgoyne to undertake this role.


          12b. To review the bank mandates (5.1)

          The Council reviewed all bank mandates as presented, it was felt that one other Councillor should be added as a back up in the unlikely event of the named individual being indisposed . FH proposed Cllr  Chris Burgoyne to be added to the bank mandates where there is only one Councillor. LP seconded the proposal. All agreed.

          Clerk to action.


          12c. To authorise the regular payments (5.6)

          The Clerk went through all the monthly regular contracts, fixed direct debits, variable direct debits, annual subscriptions and contracts.

          JA proposed to authorise approval of the regular payments. CB seconded, all agreed.



To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Ordinary meeting held on 24th April 2021.

The minutes were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by BC and seconded by TE as a true account of the meeting. Unanimously agreed.         



To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Community Town meeting held on 24th April 2021.

The minutes were reviewed. JA stated on page 4 there was an error, it was not e-consult forms it was a consultation survey.

With this amendment JA proposed the minutes were a true account of the meeting. MH seconded. All agreed.       




To consider any matters arising from the Minutes received above not reported elsewhere.

Item 112 – FH reported that the flooding report on Lodgevale had still not been received.



To note Planning applications dealt through the Planning Committee.

The Planning Committee had no objections to:

·         P/2021/0356   Variation of conditions 02 and 03 of P/2017/0459 to allow an additional 3 years for commencement of works - Rear of Ingleby, Chirk Green, Chirk, Wrexham

·         P/2021/0431   Erection of a Classroom – Ysgol Y Waun Junior School, Lloyds Lane, Chirk, Wrexham

·         P/2021/0326   Extension to Existing Agricultural Building, Halton Farm, Halton, Chirk       


The Planning Committee had not reached a decision on the following applications so required Council approval.


FH declared an interest due to being on the Wrexham Planning Committee.


P/2021/0365   Re-Build of 11KV overhead line - Chirk to Ifton IIKV lane, Chirk, Wrexham

P/2021/0012   Section 78 Appeal at: , 17, Duke Street, Chirk, Wrexham


SW proposed no objections to the two outstanding planning applications. TE seconded. All agreed.



To receive oral reports from Council Representatives.

DG reported on the successful dedication of the Covid-19 bench and noted that Jim Heath donated his own time free of charge to work on the bench. Members commented on how lovely the bench and plaque are and noted a lot of praise had been received from local people. FH thanked everyone involved.


BC mentioned the painting by Jim Heath of the queue outside the Chemist during Spring 2020. JA proposed that Chirk Town Council purchase the painting for its historical portrayal. DG seconded the proposal. All agreed.



To receive oral reports from Local Members – Wrexham CBC.

TE reported on the following:

·         Station Avenue (past the Station towards the Castle Gates) the road speed can not be reduced but Wrexham Council are looking at improving signage and putting 30mph onto the road surface.

·         Pot holes are an ongoing issue.

·         Railings around the aqueduct viewing point are being looked at by Wrexham Council and the Canal and River Trust.

·         Drain traps have been cleared by Castle Walks.

·         Fly tipping is an ongoing issue at St Mary’s Close.

·         Crew Manager of Chirk Fire Station Paul McNulty is retiring after long service. TE asked for a letter of recognition be sent thanking him for his work in keeping Chirk residents safe. Agreed.

Clerk to action.


NJ highlighted the road closure signs which are being put on the pedestrian footpaths meaning that the use of the pavement is obstructed for some people. GB added that the traffic light at The Trap is in the wrong place – too far forward. TE to bring to Wrexham’s attention.


DG considered it unacceptable that Wrexham Council wagons are using the pull-ins on Longfield’s  and blocking the road for residents. TE will look into this issue. FH suggested getting the PCSO’s involved.


FH reported on the following:

·         The potholes in Lodgevale have been filled.

·         There is no progress on the repairs to the road landslide in Newbridge, Wrexham Council has written to Welsh Government for financial assistance.

·         The next litter pick is planned for 7th June 2021.

·         FH commended the regular volunteer litter pickers who are doing a fantastic job. FH requested that a letter of thanks be forwarded to them. Agreed. Clerk to action.


LP raised safety concerns about the heavy good vehicles pulling up on the road side to use the burger van which is causing a dangerous situation. Members discussed the problem and felt it was very difficult to control road users. FH agreed to discuss with Highways.



To agree the 2021 school leavers gift.

FH declared an interest.


Ysgol Y Waun had the hoodies funded last year due to it being an exceptional year; it has again been another very tough year for the current leavers. Members noted that the children do wear the hoodies as they have been seen in the area. GB added that the Council does not have the resources to fund this every year.


BH reported Pentre School is happy to receive the bibles as usual.


MH proposed to purchase the hoodies and bibles in full. DG seconded the proposal. All agreed. Clerk to action.



To discuss the future of meetings in relation to section 47 of the new Local Government & Elections Wales Act 2021.

The Clerk went through section 47 of the new Act. Whilst the Council is using Zoom it is compliant with the law. Any in-person meeting without a hybrid facility would mean the Council would be non-compliant.


GB advised that he had experience of hybrid meeting technology and signposted the Clerk to some providers.


JA proposed that due to all Councils looking to move to hybrid technology, which is a legal requirement, the be Clerk delegated to purchase suitable equipment. BH seconded the proposal, all agreed. Clerk to action.  



To decide upon appeals for financial assistance received.

·         Wrexham Community Broadcasting –to support start up funding -  JA proposed not to support this appeal. MH seconded. All agreed.

·         Tenovus – general donation - SW proposed not to support this appeal. JA seconded. All agreed.           

Action: Clerk to notify organisations of appeal outcomes.





To receive the Clerk’s report – includes active speed sign data.

The Clerk presented her report which covered general updates, health and safety, Community Agent contract monitoring, financial year end and audit and details of the SLCC & OVW joint conference.



Keep Wales Tidy’s request for the Parish Hall in Chirk to become a litter picking hub was discussed. Concerns were raised over the opening hours of the Parish Hall. GB proposed that the Parish Hall does become a litter picking hub. SW seconded the proposal, all agreed.  Clerk to action.


Chirk Youth Football requested temporary permission to use the Recreational Ground. Members drew attention to the special conditions under a covenant contained within the deeds for the Recreational Ground which prohibit organised sports on this land.  The Trustees of the Recreation Ground Trust have a duty to protect this covenant and ensure it is always freely available to the people of Chirk. The Council therefore, could not support this request.

NJ suggested that Chirk Youth Football can make use of the green area at Chapel Lane.

Action: Clerk to inform Chirk Youth Football.



To seek approval of payments made between 25.03.2021 to 19.05.2021

Two lists of payments between 25.03.21 and 31.03.21 amounting to £8,779.18  (including VAT) and between 01.04.21 and 19.05.21 amounting to £18,923.48 (including VAT) were presented to the Council. JA proposed and SW seconded that the payments be approved. The motion was passed unanimously.



To present items for inclusion on the next agenda.

·         FH requested that removal of shrubbery at Black Park be discussed at the next meeting as local residents would like more area to kick the ball around/play in.            

·         GB sought permission for the Grants Appeals Committee to look into funding for a lights festival – which would be a sponsored event. TE highlighted that Welsh Government has a Welsh Towns Grant which Chirk should get a proportion of.

·         SW wanted to pick up on Cllr Cooke’s appointment interview where a tourism leaflet was discussed in detail and felt this should be discussed with more focus. A range of points were highlighted relating to parking, the digital trails etc. It was agreed that a special meeting be called to discuss everything relating to tourism. Clerk to action.




Meeting closed 21:20


Signed                            Chairman                                                                    Date