held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing




Cllrs Mr Brian Colley (BC)      Mrs Jackie Allen (JA)             Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH)

Mr Gareth Baines (GB)           Mr Frank Hemmings (FH)       Ms Eleanor Burnham (EB)                

Mrs Dorothy Griffiths (DG)     Mr Terry Evans (TE)               Miss Lynne Painter (LP)        

Mr Newman James (NJ)         Mr Michael Maxfield (MM)      Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB)

Mrs Karen Brown (KB), Clerk to the Council.


BC welcomed all to the meeting.


1.    Apologies

Apologies received from Cllrs. Mr Mark Roberts, Mrs Sarah Williams and Mr Mark Holmes.


2.    Declaration of Interest



3.    To receive the two Fire Risk Assessments and agree next steps

The two Fire Risk Assessments were received and their detailed content noted. The Clerk had combined the two reports into one Council Action Plan and work was underway to address the recommendations.


4.    To review quotes received for a fire detection system and emergency lighting

Three quotes had been requested:

·         Quote one: Supply, install and commission a fire detection and alarm system, to BS5839­1:2017, category L2 £7,952.26 + VAT. Additional information BAFE and NSI gold credited for fire, this comes with strict auditing and insures that your system will be installed to the required standard. A 24 page data specification document was also provided.

·         Quote two: To supply, install, commission, and certify a fire alarm system to BS5839-2017.Category L2, £9,959.00 + VAT

·         Quote three: Churches Fire had not supplied a quote following a request despite being the Council’s fire extinguisher service provider.


Members discussed the quotes, and whilst they usually supported local business, it was considered that due to cost, accreditation, detail of specification and recommendation, they had to accept quote one from a business in Flintshire.


JA proposed a small committee to oversee the fire risk assessment actions. This was not supported. GB agreed to support the Clerk on any technical matters relating to the installation.


EB asked how this work will be funded. The Clerk confirmed that there is £164,395 within earmarked reserves for Parish Hall renovations.


Members asked how quickly the works can commence. The Clerk confirmed that the work would commence within four week.


GB formally proposed to appoint the company which provided quote one - £7,952.26 to install the fire detection system. LP seconded the proposal. All agreed


A quote of £662.96 had been received for undertaking the installation of emergency lighting. The Council agreed for this work to be undertaken. BH proposed, JA seconded, all agreed.




5.    To consider re-opening of the Parish Hall

Welsh Government had issued guidance on re-opening Community Buildings. The guidance stated that community buildings should only open when it is safe to do so. There is a list of ‘permitted activities’ within the guidance. The only activity which matches with Chirk Parish Hall customers is indoor non-contact exercise classes where social distancing can be observed. The other point to note is that Test, Trace and Protect is now mandatory.


It was agreed to have a ‘soft opening’ for a limited amount of permitted users.


CB proposed to open the Parish Hall for permitted users only after the fire detection system had been installed. GB seconded the proposal. All agreed.


6.    To receive an update on the Longfield play area incident (Sat 8th August)

The Clerk provided an update relating to the Longfields play area. The new piece of equipment – trampoline - had been installed. Security fencing was still erected awaiting the play equipment safety inspection. Youths had removed and broken the security fencing, pulled up the safer grass matting, filled the pit beneath the trampoline with rubbish and attempted to set fire to it. The youths also caused a large amount of mess within the park and verbally abused local residents. This had all been reported to North Wales Police. DG, FH and JA attended the incident and took photos. A Police investigation has commenced.


As the new trampoline had failed the safety inspection, HAGS had been out to replace and re-peg the safety grass matting as part of snagging. A comprehensive set of photos had been sent to the Council to confirm this had been left to required standards.


The Chairman summarised that as this is the second criminal damage incident in a number of weeks, the first being the graffiti on the Skate park, he felt that a message should put out to the community of Chirk advising that as the Council had invested heavily in the play areas, it was not prepared to accept this level of vandalism. This was widely supported by the Council.


Members felt that notices/rules of the playground and general signage were missing from all play areas. LP noted that during lockdown, nearly all closure notices and locks were removed. GB suggested that metal signs would be the best option and to use the signs in Pentre play area as a starting point.


LP left the meeting.


Action: to agree a statement that the Council will commit to the parks but will have a zero tolerance on vandalism.


It was noted that John Gibbens collected 9 bags of rubbish and took him six hours to clean up Longfields play area following the incident.


GB proposed and BH seconded that a press statement is issued and signs and bins are purchased. All agreed.


Painting of Skate Park

A quote for painting all areas of the Skate Park to cover the graffiti had been received - labour and materials = £1,860. The painter also felt that security fencing would be required to stop people skating on the ramps whilst the paint cures during the week.


Discussion ensued with a range of options being considered; security firms, painting the NHS rainbow, getting a professional graffiti artist, cleaning with coca-cola etc. It was agreed that the Clerk would seek costs from a security firm and bring back to the September meeting before a decision was made.


Non agenda item

EB asked about the Scottish Power Lights, TE reported that the repair had been completed and was now down to Wrexham Council to finalise getting the lights back on, TE expected this would be done within approximately 48 hours.





Meeting closed 19:16



Signed                                    Chairman                                                              Date