Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC) - Chairman, Mrs Jackie Allen (JA), Mr Newman James (NJ)       

Miss Lynne Painter (LP),                                               

Clerk to the Council, Mrs Karen Brown (KB)

Administration Officer, Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn (RAG)


1.    Apologies
Cllr Eleanor Burnham & Cllr Gareth Baines sent their apologies.


2.    Election of new Chairman

JA proposed that NJ be Chairman of the Committee, however NJ declined due to work commitments and proposed BC as interim chairman until the Committee was fully up and running.  LP agreed and seconded NJ proposal and BC accepted the position of interim chair.


3.    Commencement of Emergency Planning

The Council commenced discussion of beginning the Community Emergency planning process. JA requested it be a slow process to look at the cost to the Council, work involved, risk assessments for each contingency, insurances, ownership and who would be involved.


NJ said that communication is key to Emergency planning and mentioned the Kronospan fire as an example. BC reminded the Council that WCBC have an Emergency Planning team with processes in place and Chirk Town Council need to play a supporting role to them. NJ agreed, however noted his concern that if the Council have no policy or plan in place then the Council will not be doing the right thing by Chirk if there were a disaster.


JA raised concerns about litigation if things were to go wrong. BC sees Chirk Town Council as a supporting role to assist the people of Chirk.


JA suggested meeting with Kronospan, Mondelez and R. Burbridge's to request being kept in the loop for future incidents and to offer the Council services. NJ raised the point that nurseries, schools etc would have difficulties in understanding the emergency planning processes for different establishments.


KB pointed out that section 4 of the Community Emergency Planning document states we would be the main community contact point for disseminating information out to people.


The Committee discussed gathering information from other Town/Community Councils on their emergency planning processes. LP proposed approaching the Regional Emergency Planning central team to see which Councils had emergency plans in place, BC seconded the proposal, Agreed.  

Action- Clerk to contact the Emergency Planning Service to provide a list of Councils that have emergency procedures in place.


JA proposed that the issues raised in this meeting be taken to a General Purposes meeting. BC & NJ thought it had already been raised in a previous meeting and felt that more information on the procedures and processes should be sought first before taking it back to full Council.

Action - Clerk to check previous minutes.

Action - Clerk or Administrative Officer to investigate legalities of having an emergency plan.


Cllrs discussed the published objectives.


NJ raised the point that if roads are blocked there needs to be contingency for access to Chirk for Emergency vehicles. This led to discussions around other emergency scenarios: Terrorist attacks, cold storage for pandemic, major fires, Kronospan sub station power outage, poor weather conditions, single access to Lodgevale Park.

Action - Clerk to email Cllrs to ask for suggestions for scenarios/ideas of potential disasters/issues to be discussed at next meeting.


JA left the meeting.


NJ suggested that Cllrs. Frank Hemmings and Terry Evans be involved from a WCBC point of view.


All agreed on above action points.






Signed                                    Chairman                                                                        18th November 2020