held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC) - Chairman,           Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),             Mr Gareth Baines (GB),

Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),                         Mr Newman James (NJ),        Mrs Sarah Williams (SW), Ms Eleanor Burnham (EB),                               Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),            Miss Lynne Painter (LP),

Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB)                                   Mr Frank Hemmings (FH)      Mr Terry Evans (TE) and

Mr Mark Holmes (MH)

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council,  Mrs Rebecca Ap Gwyn – Observer.

Jack Butler - Press


BC welcomed all and reminded Councillors of the Standing Orders and Code of Conduct and to be respectful to all.


1.       To elect the Chair of Chirk Town Council for 2020/21 and witness the acceptance of office.

Cllr. Barbara Humphreys proposed Cllr. Jackie Allen for the post of Chair.  This was seconded by Cllr. Dot Griffiths. Cllr Mark Holmes proposed Cllr. Brian Colley for the post of Chair.  This was seconded by Cllr. Sarah Williams.  Each Councillor was asked for their vote. Cllr Brian Colley received a majority vote and was duly elected as Chairman.


BC thanked the Council for his re-election and signed the Declaration of Office. Action: signed document to be dropped off at the Clerk’s office.


2.       To receive report from retiring Chair.

          BC provided a verbal report covering May 2019 - September 2020.


3.       To elect the Vice-Chair of Chirk Town Council for 2020/21 and witness the acceptance of office.

Cllr. Dot Griffiths proposed Cllr. Frank Hemming for the post of Vice-Chair.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mark Holmes. Cllr Eleanor Burnham proposed Cllr. Jackie Allen for the post of Vice-Chair.  This was seconded by Cllr. Barbara Humphreys.  Each Councillor was asked for their vote. Cllr Frank Hemmings received a majority vote and was duly elected as Vic-Chairman.


FH accepted the position. Action: signed Declaration of office to be returned to the Clerk’s Office.


4.       To Accept Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Mr Michael Maxfield, and Mr Mark Roberts.


5.       Declarations of interest


6.       To review Terms of Reference and determine the number of places on each Council Committee.

          BC reminded Members that there were only six months remaining and suggested that the Terms of Reference are adopted as per last year. Councillors highlighted that the Chirk Environmental Liaison Group is currently looking to change its membership. As the new Kronospan group had not been agreed to date, the current membership would stand until further notice. NJ proposed to keep the current committee structure and Terms of Reference. SW seconded the proposal. All agreed.




7.       To make appointments to the following committees:

7a. General Purposes Committee - Membership the full Council

7b. Planning Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mr Michael Maxfield, Mrs Barbara Humphreys, Mr Mark Roberts, Mrs Sarah Williams, Mrs Jackie Allen, Mr Mark Holmes, Mr Terry Evans, Miss Lynne Painter, Mrs Dorothy Griffiths & Mr Gareth Baines

7c. Finance Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mr Mark Holmes, Mr Terry Evans, Mrs Sarah Williams, Mr Gareth Baines, Mrs Jackie Allen & Mr Chris Burgoyne.

7d. Staffing & Policies Committee - Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mr Mark Roberts, Mr Mark Holmes,
Mrs Sarah Williams, Miss Lynne Painter, Mrs Jackie Allen, Mr Gareth Baines & Mr Chris Burgoyne.

7e. Special Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs Sarah Williams.

7f. Consultations Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mr Mark Roberts.

7g. Parish Hall Sub Committee - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mr Mark Holmes, Mrs Barbara Humphreys, Mr Michael Maxfield, Mr Newman James, Mrs Dorothy Griffiths, Mrs Jackie Allen &
Miss Lynne Painter.


BC stated that he would like to see Committees have some delegated powers. JA wanted to ensure that Members who are not appointed to a particular Committee are invited to attend all Committee meetings as observers. This was agreed by all.


8.       To agree appointments of Council Representatives on the following outside bodies:

8a. School Governors –

Ysgol Y Waun - Mrs Dot Griffiths

Dee Valley Federation - Mrs Barbara Humphreys

8b. Chirk Charities - Mrs Jackie Allen, Mr Newman James, Mr Mark Holmes and Mr Frank Hemmings.

8c. Chirk Environmental Liaison Group - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mrs Sarah Williams,

Ms. Eleanor Burnham, Miss Lynne Painter, Mrs Dorothy Griffiths, Mr Chris Burgoyne & Mr Gareth Baines.

8d. Black Park Community Centre - Mr Frank Hemmings and Mrs Sarah Williams. 

8e. One Voice Wales Wrexham/Flint Area Committee - Mrs Jackie Allen & Mr Mark Roberts.

8f. Shrewsbury/Chester Rail Users Association - Mrs Jackie Allen.

8g. Chirk Air Training Corps - Mrs Jackie Allen.

8h. Penybont Liaison Group – Mr Frank Hemmings, Mrs Barbara Humphries and Mrs Jackie Allen.  

8i. Chirk Youth Football Club - Mr Michael Maxfield, Mr Newman James, Mr Mark Holmes and Mr Mark Roberts.

8j. Footpath Liaison - Mr Frank Hemmings and Mr Brian Colley.

8k. Chirk & Ceiriog Valley Partnership - Mrs Jackie Allen (Deputy Mr Frank Hemmings).

8l. Chirk Celebrations & Lights Committee - Mr Frank Hemmings, Mr Newman James, Mr Mark Roberts & Mr Mark Holmes.

8m. Chirk Community Forum - Mr Frank Hemmings.

8n. Chirk Recreation Ground Trust - All members of the Chirk Town Council.

8o. Wrexham Town & Community Council Forum - Chair, Vice-Chair & Clerk.

8p. Glyn Valley Tramway Trust - Mrs Jackie Allen.

8q. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Champion - Mr Frank Hemmings.


All Councillors agreed to the current membership remaining as distributed and previously agreed. It was noted that some groups were no longer in existence. JA agreed to work with the Clerk on updating the list. Action: JA & KB to meet to go through all groups.

Action: Clerk to work with the Council on updating Committee terms of reference, membership and appointments to outside bodies before the next Annual Meeting in May 2021.


9.       To agree dates of meetings of the Council 2020/21.

          The proposed dates were discussed. EB proposed to move the October and March Meeting dates outside of school holiday weeks, as the Council should be family friendly. LP seconded the proposal. All agreed.


10.     To receive information of Members attendance at meetings of the Council 2019/20.

          The attendance record was noted. LP highlighted Cllr Humphreys 100% attendance which was a perfect record for all her years of service. The Council thanked BH for her excellent attendance.


11.     To approve and adopt the Standing Orders for Chirk Town Council.

          BC stated that since 2018 the Council had adopted the model NALC Standing Orders and proposed to re-adopt as presented. JA suggested an amendment to Standing Orders to allow for secret ballots at future Annual Meetings. GB felt a private vote would bring cohesion to the Council. SW felt that all votes should be open for the people of Chirk to see the transparency in everything. FH suggested other options could be looked at for example electronic voting. It was agreed to leave this debate to a future meeting. The Council agreed to re-adopt the Standing Orders without amendment. 

Action: Clerk to review options within the Standing Orders along with the work on the delegated powers and Committees.


12.     To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Ordinary meeting held on 29th July 2020.

          The minutes were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by GB and seconded by JA as a true account of the meeting. Unanimously agreed.


13.     To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the Special meeting held on 23rd September 2020.

          The minutes were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by JA and seconded by LP as a true account of the meeting. Unanimously agreed.


14.     To consider any matters arising from the Minutes received above not reported elsewhere.

          Item 180 - Surgery/Pharmacy – EB raised the unsatisfactory position in relation to the way both are handling Covid-19 and suggested the Chair and Vice Chair have another meeting with Julie Day Surgery Manager to represent the views of residents. BC and JA gave feedback on their recent meeting with the Surgery Manager, and it was clear the Surgery were not going to change anything. Julie Day confirmed the Surgery has no control over the Pharmacy. Detailed discussion took place relating to blood tests, flu vaccine, general poor service of the surgery and residents still having to stand outside when there is a fantastic large building being left empty. NJ proposed writing to higher Authority. CB highlighted the complaints process and felt that a formal letter should be sent to the relevant Authority recording the Council’s concern over the lack of quality of service. SW seconded the proposal, all agreed. Action: JA to supply the Clerk with details of the Director of Primary Care.

          LP reported that she had a very positive experience of ordering a repeat prescription and delivery from St Martins.


Item 185 – Kronospan Liaison Group – JA confirmed she had informed Keith Baker on 30th July 2020 of the Council’s formal response to the draft Terms of Reference.

BC updated Members on the current situation. Following the Kronospan fire earlier this year, at the invitation of Ian Bancroft, Wrexham Council Chief Executive he had been invited to attended a meeting with representatives of WCBC, Kronospan and locals politicians. At the meeting on 11th September 2020, BC read out the Town Council’s formal response to the draft Terms of reference for the new liaison group. Chris Ryan, Kronospan, stated he did not know anything about the Council’s response. BC stated that at the two meetings which have now been held it was agreed that improving communication in the community was a key priority.


JA confirmed that on 3rd September 2020 a telephone conference took place between herself, Kronospan, Natural Resources Wales and Wrexham Council to agree the agenda for the upcoming (original) Chirk Environmental Liaison Group (CELG) and Kronospan discussed the Council’s response and possible dates for the meeting.


BC stated that the communication is appealing as no one knows about a date for a meeting. JA thought the meeting would now take place on 13th October 2020 over Zoom, when the CELG would then agree the new Terms of Reference. It was felt that the Council’s response was waste of time and there was a lack of communication.  


Item 192 – FH commented that on the day of the interview, the standard of painting throughout the Parish Hall was absolutely superb. LP fully supported this statement. The Council acknowledged the caretakers’ efforts and agreed to send a letter of thanks to the caretakers. Clerk to action.




15.     To receive report from General Purposes Committee meeting held 19th August 2020.

          The report was reviewed. FH proposed it was a true account. NJ seconded, all agreed.


16.     To receive report from General Purposes Committee meeting held 23rd September 2020.

          The report was reviewed. Item 5b – in relation to skate park, BH pointed out that she had stated at the meeting ‘that they had used their initiative to clean the graffiti to save the Council a large sum of money’ and this was omitted from the minutes. With this agreed amendment the minutes were recorded as a true account. Proposed by JA and seconded by GB, all agreed.


Item 4 – H&S Audit - The Clerk presented a further quote from Peter Kempster as requested and also reported back on the site visit. LP proposed that SLCC is appointed due to Council knowledge and best value for money. MH seconded the proposal. Some Councillors were concerned about the amount of money being spent whilst the building was closed. BC reminded Members that if we didn’t undertake this work then the Council would not be compliant. A vote took place and received a majority in favour of SLCC being awarded the work. Action: Clerk to notify and commence work.


17.     To receive oral reports from Council Representatives.

          FH reported that WCBC Council meetings are getting back on track with all meetings using Zoom.

          Green bin service – residents are now required to pay for the green bin, all the drivers know through their on-board computer who requires a collection. GB highlighted issues with emails not associated with ‘my Wrexham’ account are not tying up with addresses. FH asked for specific details to be sent onto him.

          McDonalds have provided ‘Pick Up - No Litter’ signs which the Council can use around the community, especially at the play areas. FH thanked McDonalds for these signs and said that litter picks are planned.


          TE reported that only two green bins had been missed so things are improving. There is flying tipping at The Forge. Trap Bank has been tidied up.  The Council budget remains tight with £3M of cuts with an overspend of £5M. Schools, social services and looked after children are protected. SW reported the ongoing problems with pot holes at Plas Y Waun which are constantly being patched and re-patched due to the poor quality work.  


18.     To receive oral reports from Local Members – Wrexham CBC.

          Updates covered elsewhere in the meeting.


19.     To decide upon appeals for financial assistance received.

          SW shared the story of Tim Greghold who walked 187 miles in one week from London to Chirk in memory of Jason Williams and raised an incredible £3,000 for the charity Mind. CB proposed a £500 donation to be made to Mind. NJ seconded the proposal. All agreed.
Action: Clerk to make payment to Mind ensuing it is linked to Tim Greghold’s fundraising efforts.


20.     To agree if additional hours are extended for Community Agent.

          The Clerk briefed the Council on discussions with the Community Agent relating to hours and workload. JA proposed a 16-20 hours variable hours, to be reviewed in one month. GB seconded the proposal. All agreed.   


21.     To agree Parish Hall Hire Users Risk Assessment and Booking conditions.

          The Clerk explained that this was a basic draft risk assessment which requires further work. LP offered to help with the user risk assessment. GB said it needed to be treated as a live document. Members asked about the QR codes. The Clerk confirmed these will be in place prior to re-opening. Discussed which document needs signing by the Parish Hall user. The Council approved the draft user risk assessment.  Action: Clerk to do further work on the risk assessment.


22.     To consider a plaque to thank the people of Chirk.

          Some members were happy to go ahead with a plaque and proposed that the wording be agreed by the Staffing & Policies Committee. Other members felt we should leave the plaque until after the pandemic is over. It was noted that this could be years away. In the end, it was agreed that a further discussion would take place at a General Purposes Committee meeting. Action: Clerk to agenda at a future meeting.


23.     To resume progress on Emergency planning.

          NJ felt that, yet again, the absence of emergency planning in the recent pandemic showed the need for this work to take place. It was agreed to hold a meeting with the pre-agreed membership and arrange an evening meeting. Action: Clerk to organise initial meeting.


24.     To receive the Clerk’s report – includes active speed sign data.

          The Clerk highlighted the latest speed sign data. JA noted that high-vis waistcoats were not worn when the speed sign is moved. This was noted by the Clerk and will be addressed.

          Members discussed the ongoing litter problem at Longfields play area and agreed that the spare bin at the Parish Hall would be located at the play area. Action: Clerk to arrange for this to be installed.

          Stake Park – the second offender in the graffiti incident is a minor and the police are looking at a community resolution. Members felt that doing some litter picking would be a good idea. Members would like to see the youths banned from using the stake park but agreed that it was for the Police to decide what was best.  

          Correspondence – The Council congratulated Chirk Station on winning The National Rail Awards - Station of the Year. EB proposed to send a formal letter of congratulations. GB seconded, All agreed. Action: Clerk to send letter.

          Letter relating to Access to Canal. Members stated that this land belonged to the Canal & River Trust and TE would raise this correspondence with the Trust.


25.     To note Planning applications dealt through the Planning Sub-Committee.

          None received this month.


26.     To present items for inclusion on the next agenda.

          EB requested that the future of the Parish Hall is discussed at the next meeting.

          SW requested that the Council discuss the bike track and how this can be supported.


          Members sought clarity on the Christmas Lights – FH confirmed there will be Christmas lights this year. Some of the old lights are being refurbished. Solar Christmas tree lights will be installed and located above the shops.


          BH updated members that Wrexham Council will be installing a 100KW electric car charger in the carpark. This came out of the Visioning event last year. BH proposed that a letter of thanks be sent to Wrexham Council and once installed a positive press release be issued. SW asked if this charging station is covered by CCTV, KB confirmed it was.



          BC thanked all attending and welcomed Rebecca to Chirk Town Council. 





Meeting closed at 21:20





Signed                                       Chairman                                                                    Date