held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC) - Chairman,           Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),             Mr Gareth Baines (GB),

Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),                         Mr Michael Maxfield (MM),     Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB),

Mr Newman James (NJ),                                  Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),      Ms Eleanor Burnham (EB), Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),                                      Mr Frank Hemmings (FH),      Miss Lynne Painter (LP),

Mr Terry Evans (TE) and                                  Mr Mark Holmes (MH)            Mr Mark Roberts (MR)

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council. 


176. To Accept Apologies for Absence

No apologies for absence were received.


177.   Declarations of interest


178.   To Remind Councillors of Code of Conduct

          NJ stated that the Council meeting held on 24th June 2020 was the first meeting to take place via Zoom. Protocols had been agreed. Meetings held remotely should be to the same standard as when everyone is sitting in the Council Chamber, Zoom being the new Council Chamber. However, during discussions at the last meeting, the lack of conduct was considered embarrassing.


FH stated that everyone needs to show each other respect.  Members cannot let their guard down over Zoom as they still represent the Council.


EB apologised for her lower than expected standards.

BC stated that the Members Code of Conduct was circulated with the agenda as a general reminder and added that the Code of Conduct is based on the ‘The Seven Principles of Public Life’

(also known as the Nolan Principles)’  which covers:-

·         Selflessness

·         Integrity

·         Objectivity

·         Accountability

·         Openness

·         Honesty

·         Leadership


Section 2 within the Standing Orders also relates to conduct in meetings which all must adhere to.


EB stated that under equal opportunities, all should be able to access remote meetings and that she feels disadvantaged due to her broadband issues.


179.   To Postpone the AGM until September.

          NJ proposed that the AGM be moved to September as there are a couple of concerns about comments made over the table at the last meeting which are not to be discussed or divulged at this meeting, but need time to be considered and advice sought from the Clerk.  NJ noted the previous comments of holding the AGM in winter and felt that September is not winter and would allow for full attendance.


          FH seconded the proposal stating it was a time for reflection. He added that everyone is working very hard at the moment during this tough time and it would allow time for everyone to be refreshed for the AGM in September.


          MH agreed. LP noted the extra work having to be undertaken by the Clerk during July with the re-opening of playgrounds and preparing to open the Parish Hall and agreed it would be best to postpone the AGM to September.


TE confirmed that the change in Mayor in Wrexham has been put back by one year.

JA stated that the Council had already passed a resolution to hold the AGM in July and to overturn a resolution requires six signatories. Therefore, she considered that to accept any change would be a breach of the Standing Orders.


BC stated that this was a postponement from July to September not a reversal of the original resolution.


Members sought clarity of timings of the AGM and the Clerk read out Regulation 7 of The Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings) (Wales) Regulations 2020 which states ‘in 2020, the annual meeting is to be held on such day in 2020 as the proper officer of the council may determine’.


EB felt that the original resolution to hold the AGM in July be kept.

LP asked if Jack Butler (Press) was present. KB confirmed he was not.


NJ & FH had made the proposal to move the AGM to September. A vote was taken and this was supported by a majority.


BC confirmed the AGM will be held on the last Wednesday in September 2020 and thanked everyone for their time.



Meeting closed at 18:25





Signed                                       Chairman                                                                    Date