held virtually on-line over video /telephone conferencing



Cllrs. Mr Brian Colley (BC) - Chairman,           Mrs Jackie Allen (JA),             Mr Gareth Baines (GB),

Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH),                         Mr Michael Maxfield (MM),     Mr Chris Burgoyne (CB),

Mr Newman James (NJ),                                  Mrs Sarah Williams (SW),      Ms Eleanor Burnham (EB), Mrs Dot Griffiths (DG),                                      Mr Frank Hemmings (FH),      Miss Lynne Painter (LP),

Mr Terry Evans (TE) and                                  Mr Mark Holmes (MH)

Mrs Karen Brown (KB) - Clerk to the Council. 

Mr Jack Butler (JB) – Press – NWN


Mr Mark Roberts


159. To accept apologies for absence

No apologies for absence were received.


160.   Declarations of interest


161.   To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the ordinary meeting held on 26th February 2020

Minutes were reviewed; LP proposed the minutes were a true account. MH seconded and unanimously agreed by all.


162.    To confirm and sign the minutes as a true record of the special meeting held on 16th March 2020

Minutes were reviewed; GB proposed the minutes were a true account. SW seconded and unanimously agreed by all.


163.    To consider any matters arising from the Minutes received above not reported elsewhere.

Item 155 - Karate mats – in reply to a question as to whether the Karate mats had been removed from the Parish Hall, it was confirmed that they are still there. Action: NJ to arrange for these to be removed by the end of June 2020.


EB joined the meeting.


Item 158. – Pharmacy – EB asked for an update. Members reported that there has been an enormous amount of work done with the Pharmacy since March and it is now working promptly and efficiently.


164.    To receive the reports from the General Purposes meetings held on:-

a. 11th March 2020.

The minutes were proposed as a true record by JA and seconded by MH. All agreed.

Matters Arising:

Item 11 – the next air quality monitoring meeting had be scheduled by Wrexham CBC for 27th July 2020. GB stated that not everyone on the subgroup received the invitation to the 18th March 2020 meeting. BC confirmed he and JA attended this meeting via telephone conference. Apologies were provided to SW & GB and the Council will ensure they are invited to the next meeting.


JA reported that she was attending a meeting at Kronospan on 25/06/2020 as Chair of the Liaison Group to agree the terms of reference from Natural Resources Wales. LP asked for clarification as to which group the new terms of reference relate to? JA confirmed it was for the main Chirk Environmental Liaison Group which will be taken over by Natural Resources Wales once the licence transfers to them. TE felt that members should not attend any meetings at Kronospan on their own and proposed that JA be accompanied by the Chairman. BC asked the Members of the Council if they wished that he attend with JA. The Council agreed by majority. Action: JA to ask Keith Baker if BC can attend the meeting scheduled for 25/06/2020.


b. 27th May 2020

The minutes were proposed to be approved by GB and seconded by LP. All agreed.  
Matters arising:

Item 6 - EB reported that the street lighting is still not working on Holyhead Road and associated problems are ongoing. TE is liaising with Wrexham street lighting department, however this is a major Scottish Power problem. The Clerk had received information that the works were due to be fixed on 16/06/2020, however residents are still reporting that the lights are not working. EB proposed to send a letter to the Chief Executive of Scottish Power. Councillors did not support this suggestion. It was reported and noted that due to the current Covid-19 situation Scottish Power prioritise domestic homes first followed by businesses and street lighting is low priority at this time. GB proposed to write to the most relevant person of authority in Scottish Power, TE seconded this proposal and all agreed.

Action: Clerk to write to Scottish Power.


EB left the meeting.


c. 8th June 2020

The minutes were proposed as a true record by JA and seconded by GB. All agreed.

Matters arsing

Item 5. SW reported that the school leaver hoodies had been ordered at £15 each. Action: SW to take a photo of the purchase and send to the Clerk to share with all. SW reported that the school staff are very pleased. FH confirmed that at the Governors meeting the staff were also extremely pleased and thanked everyone for getting something special. The Council thanked SW for her work on this matter.


165.    To receive the report from the Finance Committee meeting held on 22nd June 2020.

The Clerk went through the key points from the Finance Committee; which recommended approval of the Financial Regulations, Earmarked Reserved and Asset Register. GB proposed that the Council adopted these documents, JA seconded, all agreed.


166.    To consider Neighbourhood Policing matters (includes Active Speed Sign).

The Clerk had been circulating the weekly Wrexham Rural Police update from Sgt. Luke Hughes to all via email. There were no further updates. The speed sign is still active, however the data had not been collected due to lockdown.

The Clerk gave a detailed update on the latest situation in relation to the graffiti on the skate park. The Council would like to see the identified individuals banned from the skate park. Action: Clerk to feedback to Police.

Members discussed the graffiti at the AAA’s and on the trees in the hospital woods. The matter is in the hands of the police.

LP reported that there has been a significant reduction in the number of people walking by the hospital woods.

Members also reported that there is loud music being played at Cemetery at 2am.


167.    To receive oral reports from Council Representatives.

GB proposed a letter of thanks to Brother Industries for donating 40,000 pieces of PPE to local businesses. TE also thanked GB for his tremendous efforts with Brother Industries in distributing the items. This thanks was echoed by all members of the Council Action: Clerk to send formal letter of thanks to Brother Industries. 


168.    To receive oral reports from Local Authority Members – Wrexham CBC.

TE reported that Wrexham Council are getting back to normal with housing and grass cutting. Fly tipping is big problem along with the litter problem by people using McDonalds.


There is a £3M budget deficit pressure on the Council and some services are being looked at as to whether they will re-open or not.


The Business Rate grant closes on 30th June, most businesses in Chirk have benefited from this help during the very difficult times.


Hedges at Bron Y Waun and Station Avenue have been reported. The pelican crossing at Rhos Y Waun has had the electrical cards replaced.


FH reported that the car park in McDonalds can now be used for parking which should assist with the traffic problems.


FH is volunteering with PPE Cymru to dispatch PPE across Wrexham. TE thanked FH for all his efforts delivering the PPE during this time.


Station Road has been tarmacked.


GB noted how smooth and timely WCBC had processed the Business Rate Grant – it had been a lifeline for businesses and thanks were paid to Wrexham Council.

TE confirmed that Wrexham had given out £23M and distribution had commenced within days of the grant being announced. The Finance Department, Business Support and Economic Development have done a tremendous job.


The Council formally recognised the excellent work of Wrexham CBC in this regard and thanked everyone involved for their efforts.


169.    To receive and approve the 2019/20 Annual Return (including Accounting Statement and Annual Governance Statement).

KB presented the Annual Return to Council. The Finance Committee had gone through the detail and recommended Council approval. JA proposed to approve the Annual Return and Governance Statement, GB seconded the proposal. The Council unanimously agreed.


170.    To receive the Internal Auditors report.

KB highlighted the conclusion which stated ‘On the basis of the internal audit work carried out, in our view the council’s system of internal controls is in place, adequate for the purpose intended and effective, subject to the issues reported in the action plan’  

KB went through the two recommendations and confirmed that both recommendations had already been addressed. 


The Council noted the content of the Internal Audit report for 2019/20.


171.    To consider a response to the Local Government Association – Member code of conduct consultation 2020

KB reported that at a Regional Clerks meeting, it was established that this consultation was for English Councils only (although the document did not state this), however comments can still be submitted. If any councillors wanted to make comments, please email the Clerk who will collate and submit. CB stated that he had read the document and it was a good reminder of conduct.


GB informed members that the Electoral Boundary Commission consultation had been suspended.


172.    To receive the report of the Clerk – includes correspondence.

The Clerk presented her report and took questions. CB asked when will the North Wales Fire Report be shared? KB confirmed that as the Staffing & Policies committee have a health and safety remit, the report will be presented to this committee in July for full scrutiny.


The Council discussed the protocols for voting at the Annual Meeting and acknowledged the procedure. Some members discussed moving the AGM date, but it was confirmed that the AGM had already been agreed to take place in July.


173.    To decide upon appeals for financial assistance received.

·         Tenovus Cancer Care request a general donation. JA proposed to not support this request. SW seconded the proposal. All agreed.

·         Graham Greasley and Deryn Poppitt requested a donation towards the costs of their WW2 book. The Council noted that profits were go to charity, but requested more specific information to ensure it was going to a local charity. Action: Clerk to seek clarity. JA proposed that subject to confirmation of surplus funds going to a local charitable cause, a donation of £500 be given, TE seconded the proposal and all agreed.

·         Hope House Children’s Hospice requested a donation towards a new syringe driver. JA proposed to support the request with a £300 donation, GB seconded the proposal. All agreed.

Action: Clerk to notify outcomes of all appeal requests.


174.    To approve March 2020 payments on list attached.

A list of invoices and payments to 31.03.2020 amounting to £10,506.95 & £148.24 (using pre-paid credit

card) was given to the Council for retrospective approval (see addendum). JA proposed and NJ seconded that the payments be approved/noted. The motion was passed.


175.    To present items for inclusion on the next agenda.
FH reported for information that Ysgol Y Waun is fully prepared to re-open to all children. Each child will receive three days in school before the summer holidays.

LP asked about Pentre School. BH confirmed that Pentre School doesn’t have the same space and due to staffing shortages the school can only accommodate 5 children at a time and therefore each child will receive one day in school before the summer holiday.


Meeting closed at 20:50


 Signed                                       Chairman                                                                    Date