Cllrs. Mrs Jackie Allen (JA), Mr Frank Hemmings (FH), Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH), Mr John Vant (JV),
Mr Deryn Poppitt (DP), Mr Mark Holmes (MH) & Mrs Sarah Williams (SW).

WCBC Cllrs. Mr Terry Evans (TE).
Police Insp. Steve Owens.

Mr Shaun Jones (SJ), Clerk to the Council.



Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Mr Mark Roberts, Mrs Claire Gough, Mr Brian Colley, Mr Newman James,
Mr Michael Maxfield &  Mr Barry Evans.  WCBC Cllr. Mr Ian Roberts.


Declarations of Interest




The draft minutes for the meeting held 25th January 2017 are now put to the Council as an accurate record of proceedings.  Proposed FH and seconded MH as an accurate record - Confirmed and Motion Carried.



Minute 107 – 25.1.2017 – FH made an offer to all members to present the latest news on progress

                                           underway towards Chirk reaching Dementia Friendly accreditation at a future

                                           Council meeting. The Clerk will liaise as to when to include on the meeting

                                           agenda.  Our Community Agent – Cath Gleave is organising her next

                                           Craig Close Lounge event for March 9th – All Welcome.

From Ongoing Matters summary.

Minute 161 – 27.4.16 –     JA has offered to assist the Black Park residents with a WREN grant

                                           Application.  DP has a model constitution if the group wish to establish

                                           themselves as a standalone entity.


Insp. Steve Owens was invited to the meeting this evening after an earlier meeting with Cllr. Jackie Allen, Cllr. Mark Holmes and the Clerk to the Council.

By way of introduction Insp. Owens advised he harks from Ruabon and has a good knowledge of the area coming up through neighbourhood policing route.  He explained the roles of the 2 PCSO’s based in Chirk – Martin and Dean.  They are a good team and accessible.  Behind them there are Patrol Officers who give response to immediate requests for assistance.  These officers are unable to deal with longer term issues.  A change coming about is for 6 Officers coming off response to form a Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) which will be demand led and able to deal with longer term issues.  Sgt. Jason Burns and Sgt. Katie Davies manage the SNT staff.

TE would like to see Dean and Martin use social media (Facebook and Twitter).  This is not imposed but staff are encouraged to use.

There are 3 new PCSO’s in Wrexham Rural.  Martin is currently signed off sick.  Not sure if ward based PCSO’s are the smartest use of the team – under review.

JA stated that Police presence is an issue.  It is noted when they are not about.  The budget of Wrexham CBC may impact on PCSO numbers.  Being ward based can bring restrictions.

5 Police Officers on patrol out of Rhos.  Call filtering is having an effect – aim on demand falling.  At night doubling up of Officers is preferred but response times are a challenge.

Regular meetings for communities and Police involvement are missed.  Make an approach to WCBC Cllr. Hugh Jones.  Paul Firth Community Policing previously championed.  Insp. Owens happy to participate.  Suggest this is made an agenda item for a future Town & Community Council meeting.  Preference for a Wrexham North and South meeting.  SJ to action.

PCSO’s can attend Council Meetings and be more regular – they have recently been cut to quarterly.  Happy to pop along but keep 3 months as a minimum.

Can the CCTV system be used to combat illegal parking in Church Street ?  Happy for this to be looked into.

SW asks about the figures reported on Drug offences in Chirk – nil.  Does this relate to prosecuted or reported ?  Having nothing reported plus outcomes – eg. Arrests, Charged or Prosecuted.  Improve the statistics sheets maybe.  A little more back story.  There have been instances of drug related paraphernalia being discovered on play parks and recreational areas.  Can this be linked to a person ?  Questions about safe disposal – CTC have a needle disposal (sharps) box at Chirk Parish Hall.

Insp. Owens asks to report everything – Dean & Martin collate the statistics.  There is an awareness of cannabis use, but drugs are not the highest priority.  Happy for contact details to be circulated.  SJ to email.  Monthly statistics – 1 Burglary Other Than Dwelling, 3 Theft, 1 Criminal Damage & 3 ASB.  A quiet period.

SW also mentioned recent reports of cold callers and has worries that older folks are targeted.  Asked to dial 101 with any information.

The new SNT will be established by 1st March 2017.


JA attended a recent event representing the Community Health Council and Chirk Town Council.  It was held at Conway Business Centre and covered the Future Generations and Well Being Act.


TE nominated to give the report this evening.

·         LED street lamp upgrade on B5070 nearly complete.  Good feedback overall.  Trees on Trap Bank are impeding the light footprint.

·         Budget now set by Wrexham CBC.  The increase in Council Tax is amongst the lowest in North Wales.  For Schools and Social Services a slight increase to budgets.  The Labour Group on the Council put up a 5 point alternative budget revision – reducing Executive Board Members, Leasing iPads and charging Members to park.  All points failed to be adopted.

·         Advises of work undertaken by Rhosllanerchrugog Community Council to show local resident opposition to a Traveller/Gypsy Site in their locality.  They engaged a Planning Consultant and he reported and spoke at the Appeal hearing.


Chirk Councillors invited to raise any questions/matters with the WCBC Councillors.

·         MH enquired if footway street lamps were to be upgraded – the answer was no immediate plans.

·         SW mentioned the poor level of street lighting in Waldon Cres. Cul-de-sac.  TE understands that Chirk Town Council are not one of the Community Councils that have taken full responsibility for Footway Lighting.  If they were to do this in future, they would have more control over this important service to the community.

·         Discussion over the upcoming Planning Inspectorate Appeal Hearing over the development of a 7 pitch Traveller Site near to the Airfield, Halton.  Suggested to arrange a Public Meeting to assess weight of public opposition.  Advise that you can only object on planning issues/regulations.  Also investigate engaging a specialist consultant to assist.  FH proposed and DP seconded a motion for Chirk Town Council to host a Public Meeting and for SJ to investigate professional representation.

·         BH noted new LED street lighting on Trunk Road only, not through the village of Pentre.  Also requested of TE an update on the repair work needed near to Pen-y-bont – there is a sheer drop and many accidents have been seen in close proximity.

·         FH also had a street lighting query with respect to the columns used for Christmas Lights.  It was suggested contacting Jones Lighting for clarification over how pick up feeds have been left.



Alzheimer’s Society – financial support requested.  SW advises that recent Stars in their Eyes event donated £100.  She proposes CTC make a matching donation of £100.  An amendment – DP proposed a donation of £50 and this was seconded by MH.  The Amendment Motion carried.


VIC Studios – financial support requested.  DP proposed this request be left on the table and this was seconded by FH.  Motion carried.


Relate Cymru – financial support requested.  JV proposed this request be left on the table and this was seconded by BH.  Motion carried.


Kidney Wales – financial support requested.  FH proposed this request be left on the table and this was seconded by MH.  Motion carried.


Chirk & Ceiriog Valley Partnership – financial support requested towards a reprint of tourist leaflet.  A decision was deferred awaiting information to be gleaned by attending their upcoming AGM.  This approach was approved by Council.



·         One Voice Wales – Encourage new Councillors to stand.  Noted.


·         BCUHB – Health improvement for over 50’s – Stakeholder events.  Noted and JA to attend Caernarfon event – 14th March 2017.


·         One Voice Wales – Membership renewal invitation.  Noted and proposal from JV to renew membership – all signalled approval – motion carried.


·         Wrexham CBC – The Wrexham We Want – Consultation, please take part by 27.2.17.  Noted.


·         Christine Ashford – Chirk Celebrations & Lights Committee – Letter of thanks for support given by Chirk Town Council over the last year.  Invitation to continue support.  Noted.


·         Wrexham CBC – Spring Clean Cymru, 1-5 March 2017.  Noted but notice a little tight, will look at a tidy event soon to take in the path behind the AAA Sports and Social Club and Trap Bank.


·         Mr M Froggett – Headmaster, Ysgol Dinas Bran – School transport.  Noted.


·         One Voice Wales/SLCC Joint Event – 12 July 2017, Ewloe.  Noted & approval for Clerk to attend at a cost of £69 plus VAT.  Proposed FH, seconded BH – Motion Carried.


·         Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth – 13th March 2017.  Noted – SJ continuing with the Chirk Parish Hall flag raising event with local schools.


A meeting of the Planning Sub-Committee took place ahead of tonight’s Ordinary Council meeting.  As most members were present at that meeting a report detailing the recommended actions will be presented at the next Council Meeting – to expedite the meeting business this evening.


122.    ACCOUNTS

·         Payments
A list of invoices and payments (to 22.02.17) amounting to £8,216.22 & £266.32 (using pre-paid creditcard) was given to the Council and were passed for payment (see addendum). Proposed JV and seconded FH for approval – motion carried.



·         SW attended a Youth Football Meeting and a question over who is responsible for cutting the grass on the Leisure Centre pitch.  It is in fact the School’s and they are responsible.  It is hoped that stronger links with the School and Youth Football will come about.

·         FH advised that a meeting with Freedom Leisure and Ysgol Y Waun has recently taken place.  Topics covered were Parking arrangements, bins and improving fencing.  Also use of changing rooms – better access.

·         The Clerk was asked to send a letter to Mrs Suzanne Newell from all members thanking her for her service as a Councillor over the last 4 years.


Meeting closed 8:46pm.


Signed                                    Chairman                                                                               29th March 2017