Cllrs. Mrs Jackie Allen, Mr Michael Maxfield (MM), Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH), Mr John Vant (JV),
Mr Brian Colley (BC), Mr Mark Holmes (MH), Mrs Sarah Williams (SW) & Mr Newman James (NJ).

Mr Shaun Jones (SJ), Clerk to the Council.



Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Mr Frank Hemmings, Mrs Suzanne Newell, Mr Barry Evans, Mr Mark Roberts,
Mr Deryn Poppitt
& Mrs Claire Gough.


Declarations of Interest




The draft minutes for the meeting held 30th November 2016 are now put to the Council as an accurate record of proceedings.  Confirmed and Motion Carried.



Minute    86 – 30.11.2016 - SJ confirmed that our invitation to Joe Bickerton of Wrexham Tourism, he is

Destination Manager has been accepted and he will come to the January Ordinary meeting when Sarah Jones of Cadwyn Clwyd outlines the iBeacon plan to members.


96.      CONSIDER BUDGET FOR 2017/18
The Clerk presented a summary of income and expenditure for 3 financial periods, 2015/16 Actual, 2016/17 Probable and 2017/18 Estimated.  The Councillors discussed the 6 categories/cost centres, Parish Hall, Parish Hall Renovations, Parish Hall House, Recreation Parks, General Administration & Burial Ground.  Some highlights were :-

·    Parish Hall House rent – in the estimate it is noted that a review at a future Finance Committee meeting will most likely result in an increase.

·    The reserve fund for Parish Hall renovations will have another £20,000 set aside from the budget seeing the total reach £168,000 by 31.3.2018 (unless drawdown commences).

·    Salaries have had increases incorporated to take account of both provision for new salary pay scales centrally agreed and annual staff reviews.  This amounts to £6,250. JV requested a revision to the figure in the budget for Litter Picking to reflect the uplift shown for Caretakers.

·    Heating Oil for the Parish Hall has an additional £1,000 to provide for any sharp price increases.

·    Budgets for Play equipment repair/renovation, New play equipment and CCTV improvements were agreed at £4,000 for each.

·    If there is an underspend in 2016/17 within Recreation this can be used to establish an earmarked reserve for future development of the Burial Ground.


97.      PRECEPT FOR 2017/18
On the tabled financial information it is estimated that £99,571 will be required to meet the financial commitments of the Council.  In 2016/17 the Precept raised £89,880.  This was a figure reverted to after a lower amount raised in 2015/16 of £83,308.  The Average Band D Community Council Tax was lowered to £49.50 in 2015/16 taking account of the difficult financial climate faced by constituents.  For last year and the 2 periods prior to 2015/16 the Band D figure was £53.50.  The projected funding gap of £99,571 would see the Band D figure rise to £59.70.  It was proposed by BC and seconded by JA that a Band D property should be set at the £55.50 figure, raising £92,574 for 2017/18 financial year.  Reserves will be utilised to make up the required figure to meet the estimated financial commitments noted.  This adds £2 to a Band D property, representing a 3% rise in precept collected.  The motion was put to the Council and carried unanimously.  The Chair took the opportunity to thank the Clerk for all the work undertaken in bringing this up to date financial information before the Council.




·         Nightingale House Hospice – letter of thanks for the £200 donation.  Noted.

·         Luned Evans of One Voice Wales, Wrexham/Flintshire Area Committee – Provided a copy letter of a reply from the Chief Executive over concerns about the lack of consultation with Community Councils over the collapse of GHA Coaches and what services were to be provided in their place. Noted.

·         Family Friends for 5’s to 11’s – letter of thanks for the £100 donation.  Noted.

·         Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (2017 – 2020) – consultation over what Wrexham County Borough are proposing.  Closing date is 30th January 2017. Noted and individual members invited to contribute if they wish.

·         Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner – consultation on “Have your say about Policing”.  Noted and individual members invited to contribute if they wish.  The Chair has also attended a recent event on this topic.

·         Lawrence Isted WCBC Environment & Planning – initial consultation on “Wrexham Public Rights of Way”.  This should be reviewed by the Consultations Sub Committee – closing date 30th January 2017



·         BC asked if the Dog Wardens are patrolling all areas of Chirk.  He noted that on Maes y Waun many instances of dog fouling on the pavements require pedestrians to walk in the road when dark.  The Clerk will contact the Enforcement Team based at Wrexham County Borough Council.

·         MH has concerns of irresponsible drivers parking and causing obstruction.  Trucks and cars are regularly seen parking in pavements on Church St (even the zig zag zone) and near to the Co-op/towards Lodgevale.  Also pavement areas being obstructed by stock from retailers.  A request for this to be put on a future Council Agenda.

·         MH and SW made a request for new signage to be erected in all recreation areas/parks to state dogs should not be walked on marked sports pitches.


Meeting closed 8.05pm.


Signed                                    Chairman                                                                                 25th January 2017