Cllrs Mrs Jackie Allen (JA), Mrs Suzanne Newell (SN), Dewi Evans (DE), Mr Michael Maxfield (MM),
Mrs Barbara Humphreys (BH), Mr Brian Colley (BC),
Mr John Vant (JV), Mr Frank Hemmings (FH) &
Mr Newman James (NJ).
WCBC Cllr. Mr Terry Evans (TE) & Cllr. Mr Ian Roberts (IR).

Mr S Jones (SJ), Clerk to the Council.



Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Mr Deryn Poppitt, Mr Mark Holmes, Mr Mark Roberts & Mr Barry Evans.  Cllr. Mrs Claire Gough notified apologies after the meeting.


Declarations of Interest

Declarations of Interest: Not declared at the start of the meeting, however, the following were declared at the time the agenda item was being discussed. 
Agenda item 13: Financial Appeal made by Chirk AAA Football Club – Cllr Suzanne Newell, Cllr Terry Evans WCBC and Cllr Ian Roberts WCBC.  Requisite form completed.

Ahead of the meeting Agenda, SJ took the opportunity to introduce Ms Cath Gleave who has recently joined Chirk Town Council as their Community Agent.  CG outlined how the first month had gone and invited Councillors to get in touch if they know of any person over 50 who might benefit from the service offered.  Contact details were given out.



The Minutes approved as accurate.  Proposed DE and seconded by FH – Motion Carried.



148 – Kissing Gate for Chapel Lane.  Investigate what has been put in place in Alyn Waters.  Contact Martin Howarth WCBC for information.

17 - Centenary Fields

Come back as a full Agenda item.  Check Parish Hall Deeds to see if Longfields is included.

FH – Kirsty Williams to consult on suggested changes for School Governing Bodies.  Possibly includes the removal of the requirement to have a community council representative ?  Details will be available on the Welsh Assembly website in the near future.  The news item is at

IR – In relation to comments made at the recent Public Meeting held at Chirk Parish Hall Cllr. Roberts wished to explain that being a Member of the Wrexham County Borough Council does have precedence over him attending meetings of Chirk Town Council.  When unable to attend a Chirk Town Council meeting best endeavours to send a report are undertaken.  In the light of his explanation IR is looking for an apology for the comments made.

SN – thanks the Chair for the opportunity to answer.  The comments at the Public Meeting were being put forward more as a member of the community, to the WCBC Councillors who are elected to represent us.  No apology was offered.


IR  - This leaves me with no choice to look to take matters further.  My research suggests 12% attendance (thought only to relate to Councillor Newell’s attendance at Chirk Environmental Liaison Group meetings).

FH – Community Councillors are volunteers.


NJ – All along he has stated his unavailability to attend Chirk Environmental Liaison Group meetings because they are scheduled in work hours.  WCBC won’t alter this. A suggestion that new members of the council receive induction training and include the Code of Members conduct.

IR – with regard to clashes over WCBC meetings he recollects a request to Chirk Town Council to alter their meeting times.

JA – The Public Meeting was called to discuss matters over health concerns that nearby industrial activity may being having an effect over.  It would have been preferred for the comments made by SN were made here in the Council Chamber.  It was embarrassing and didn’t think it was appropriate for them to have been raised at the Public Meeting.

SN – I was speaking as a member of the community – I have that right.

TE – I have a very different viewpoint, you are a Councillor 24x7 and subject to the Code of Conduct.  States that he is deeply hurt by the allegations.  Performs above 90% for WCBC duties.  In recent times has taken some sick leave while being treated for bowl cancer.  On the Chirk Environmental Liaison Group has accumulated much experience and negotiation with the company to get changes introduced.  Where commentators on Facebook get the idea that Councillors are corrupt is entirely wrong – asked for evidence to back up claims – in his case there is none.  Care with social media conversations is urged.


SN – Reminds TE he also needs to conduct himself in a better manner as using social media to accuse and insult members (using terms like slagging off) of the community is inappropriate.


FH – 20 mph zones. Noted recent press article concerning the newly established 20 mph zone in Pontfadog.  See http://www.wrexham.com/news/successful-campaign-sees-20mph-speed-limit-introduced-to-wrexham-village-113826.html . Could something similar be considered for Chirk – concern over the vehicles coming out of Kronospan being a key one ?  Comment made that such new low speed zones are not universally welcomed, in Rhos there is a campaign to restore back to a 30mph zone.

TE – All estates in Chirk & Station Avenue have been put forward for consideration of a reduced speed zone to 20 mph.  There is however only 1 traffic order made each year to save on cost, so note the actual introduction, if approved, will be somewhat in future.



Statistics for latest period: 2 assaults, 1 theft from motor vehicle, 1 theft, 5 criminal damage and 12 anti-social behaviour.  In concerns and actions the PCSO reported he had received notice of speeding on Station Avenue.  He conducted a speed gun survey which showed no speeding at the time undertaken.  It may appear that vehicles are exceeding the 30mph limit when in fact they are abiding by it. With respect to ASB, a dispersal order is in place for the West View area.  If there is a refusal to disperse, arrests can be made.  Also 1 yellow card issued for ASB. 
Various comments from the Councillors present were made.  When a request to disperse is made – where should they go ?  Already reported, a black Mercedes speeding in Coronation Drive area, putting children at risk.  The PCSO stated that action has been taken in this case.  The PCSO agreed to take on board comments made.
The Coffee with a Cuppa initiative is ongoing.

Visits will be made in Richmond Gardens after 2 letter of complaint about children playing ball games have been received.


Report accepted as accurate.  Proposed DE and seconded FH.  Motion carried.


Report accepted as accurate.  Proposed FH and seconded DE.  Motion carried.
Item 6. Citizen of the Year reception was well supported and went off very well.
Item 7. For the new Parish Hall Renovation fund accounts proposed, the Chair and Clerk to be signatories – both required to instruct.


Report fully explained and it was moved by MM and seconded by FH that it is approved.  Carried.


It was moved by MM and seconded by FH that it is approved.  Carried.  Thanks to the Clerk for the work undertaken.  Inspection of accounts by electors is closing on 8th July 2016 and then all will be submitted to Grant Thornton – the External Auditors.


Chirk Environmental Liaison Group (CELG) met on 28th June 2016 and the Chair reported on progress with the Air Quality Survey to be carried out July – September this year.  Kronospan are said to be making a concerted effort to improve, better housekeeping.  Once the log yard improvements are in place it is expected to improve the overall amount of dust in the nearby vicinity.  It is important that the Public are kept informed on the results of the monitoring and efforts being made by the company to clean up their act.  There will be press releases and articles in the Chirk Community Newsletter.

Aqueducks – AGM.  JA attended the meeting on 27th June 2016.  Concern over lack of input from Community Councils.  BC went on to advise of a recently held event at Glyn Wylfa on 24th June 2016 to Re-launch the Pontcysyllte website.  The Chair of Aqueducks formally opened.  Representatives of WCBC attended.  Ongoing there must be focus on retaining the UNESCO World Heritage status which includes a prominent internet presence.
Wrexham Town & Community Council Forum meeting – 16th June 2016. JA reported on the meeting.  Topics covered were provision of PCSO’s in WCBC.  Numbers are expected to drop.  Presentations about Play Sufficiency Assessment and Safeguarding of Standards (from WWI and II) were also made.


TE reported on recent improvements on the B5070 where 25% of WCBC highways spend was used.  Also on Colliery Road kerb stone improvements.  The footpath next to the AAA Sports and Social Club has been cleared – thanks to Kronospan.  Lighting columns down Trap Bank to have greenery parred back.  Management of The Mount green space is with WCBC to deal with.  Lighting column behind Castle Health Centre has been brought online after >14 months of non-operation.  There was a problem with handover from the developer.  Drain issue on Lodgevale (bad smells) all trace back to Dosing Station at McDonalds.  The chemicals are expensive and may be only being used sparingly – if at all.  A site visit with Welsh Water is planned.  Mention of proposals for 20mph zones – see minute 22.  If Chirk Town Councillors have any concerns over matters WCBC should be responsible for, please immediately contact TE.

IR reported on the new WCBC recycling bins after FH raised concern over cost and his view that overall the bins are not fit for purpose.  1000 sets being issued in each ward.  Funding provided by Welsh Assembly Government.  FH went on to recount an incident where a Kingdom Contractor engaged to enforce zero tolerance on littering overstepped the mark.  IR stated that only 8 instances of action against dog fouling had occurred a year or so back.  With this initiative, many more are being encouraged to mend their ways.  Overall the policy is being seen as a resounding success.  He appreciates there may be some unfortunate cases where people have been treated in an inappropriate way and they should be reported and investigated properly.

JV informed of escaped water in the area of Colliery Rd/Shepherds Lane ahead of the re-surfacing work.


BC Left the meeting at 8:30pm.



·         Arrange a date for the Special Meeting (full Council) to discuss use of funds set aside for Holiday Play Scheme that we no longer take part in.  It was agreed to call the meeting on Wednesday 6th July 2016.

·         Attended WCBC Town and Community Council Forum on June 16th and the Open Day event at Chirk Court on 17th June 2016.

·         The Annual Play area inspection reports have been received and will be put on the next General Purposes Committee agenda.

·         Year 6 School Leaver gifts for Ysgol Y Waun and Pentre schools have been received and JA and BH will present respectively at upcoming Leaver Assemblies.

·         The regular PCSO Survey has been received and will be completed and returned.  It was stated at the Town & Community Council Forum that it is important to provide feedback.

·         Code of Conduct adoption requires a press advertisement – SJ is making arrangements for this.



·         Shelter Cymru - Proposed SN and seconded FH that this request is left on the table.  Motion carried.

·         Chirk AAA Football Club – Financial contribution towards playing strip and equipment.  SN, TE and IR registered an interest and took no part in decision.  Proposed by NJ to contribute £500, seconded FH.  An amendment proposed BH to contribute £300, seconded DE.  The amendment carried.



·         Trevor Morris – Letter of thanks upon being awarded Citizen of the Year 2015. Noted

·         Kidney Wales Foundation – Letter of thanks for £100 donation and receipt. Noted

·         Chirk Hospital Circle of Friends – Letter of thanks for £200 donation towards Queen’s Birthday Tea Party. Noted

·         One Voice Wales – Motions for 2016 Annual General Meeting. JA suggests Chirk Town Council put up a proposed motion concerning the Use of Police Precept.  SJ and JA to submit.

·         Wrexham Area Civic Society – Invitation to nominate a project.  Noted

·         Danielle Hampson – Heritage Lottery Fund – Recruitment of 2 new Committee Members and 1-2-1 interviews over potential projects.  Noted

·         Angharad Lewis – Chirk Half Marathon – Notice of event.  Noted

·         Christine Ashford – Directional Carving – Could the Town Council assist in making headway?  Noted and understood to be being worked on by Community Rail Officer.

·         Silas Jones – Cadwyn Clwyd – Community Solar Project.  Noted

·         Paul Lai – Petition Mental Health Best Practice – Invitation to sign petition.  Noted

·         Principal Manager Licensing – WCBC – Comment on latest review of Statement of Licensing Policy.  Noted

·         Graham Stokes – Chirk Fun Fair – request to site on Chirk Recreation Ground.  Noted and reply that covenants on Chirk Recreation Ground prohibit this activity.

·         Steve Davies – Chirk Youth U12’s/U13’s – request over logo design to print on new football kit.  Noted and SJ to inform.

·         Alan Jones – North Wales Miners Assn. – received our letter of support for Heritage Lottery grant and thanks us for supporting their venture.  Noted

·         Wrexham CBC – Proposed Traffic Order, Castle Rd, Chirk – request to put forward views on proposal.  Noted

·         Mrs Dodds – Richmond Gardens – request for help over children playing in the road and causing nuisance.  Noted & PCSO team to make an onsite visit.

·         Christine Ashford – Friends of Chirk Station – a review of recent Aqueducks meeting (see minute 28 above) and encouraging Chirk to play its part in securing any development funding.   Noted



The following applications for planning consent received from the Chief Planning Officer, Wrexham County Borough Planning Authority under the consultation procedures for consideration and comment was dealt with.

·         P/2016/0539 3 No Oak Trees for removal of pruning stubs, Oak & Chestnut, adjacent to CCTV to reduce crown back to Boundary Fence, Horse Chestnut (multi-stemmed) to fell to ground level and replace, 7 No Lime Trees to Crown raise to 2.0m.
Chirk Recreation Ground Station Avenue Chirk Wrexham


Comments: The Council has no comment to the proposal.


·         P/2016/0534 Proposed Building Extension to Store Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and Chipboard.
Kronospan Ltd Holyhead Road Chirk Wrexham

Comments: The Council has no objection to the proposal.


·         P/2016/0546 Change of Use of existing Taxi Office into Class A3 Use, Alterations to Shop Front and Internal Works in Association with the use of Nos 26 and 27 as a Class A3 Use with Ancillary Hot Food Take Away.
25 & 26 West View Chirk Wrexham.

Comments: The Council has objected to this planning application on the following grounds:-
a) Traffic movements – increase in volume of 8 – 16 additional vehicles for restaurant.  Parking proposal at rear has narrow and difficult access.  Also clear access is required to single occupancy dwellings close by.  Already the service bus is seeing regular obstruction, such a proposal with no additional parking for customers will exacerbate the problem.  Large HGV’s add to issue of parking off the main road – outside the proposed restaurant – the nearby Co-op is open itself until 10pm.
b) Inconvenience/Nuisance – there are residents all around – above too.  Smell/odour as well as additional noise – especially if a licence to serve alcohol were ever approved.
c) Already sufficient eateries – estimated to be 60% of shops in Chirk.  Glyn Wylfa Cafι, Milk Bar, Indian Restaurant, Thai Noodle Bar, Castle Bistro, Hand Hotel, Stanton House PH, Star Kebab, Chinese Takeaway, Star Fish & Chips, Anisa Indian Take-Away.
If WCBC Planning Officers and Planning Committee don’t agree we request that an evening site visit on a Friday 4:30-5:00pm to witness for themselves.


·         P/2016/0550 Listed Build Consent to Form Rear Porch / Link Block and Replacement of Lean To Roof with New Pitched Roof
The Forge Pont y Blew Chirk

Comments: The Council comments that if this application is acceptable to the Conservation Officer then they have no objection to the proposal.


·         P/2016/0580 Front Porch Extension
38 Castle Walks, Chirk, Wrexham.


Comments: The Council has no objection to the proposal.


The Report of Plans Sub-committee meeting held on 8th June 2016 was passed as an accurate record.  Proposed JV, seconded DE – motion carried.


IR referenced the planning application P/2015/0225 for 7 gypsy/traveller pitches, Old Black Park Rd, Halton.  Keep an eye as this may be coming to Planning Committee, suggest Chirk Councillors be present to oppose.


·         Payments
A list of invoices and payments (to 29.06.16) amounting to £160,242.18 & £326.88 (using pre-paid creditcard) was given to the Council and were passed for payment (see addendum).



·         FH noted Chirk Fun Day as a great success.  Not many councillors attended but SJ did go along.  Congratulations to the ATC and Scouts.

·         SN suggests consideration be given to the erection of railings on Rhos y Waun green.  Possibly fund raise ?  IR suggests to put a plan together.  There is a need to tarmac the corners, currently a mess.


Meeting closed 9.10pm.





Signed                                    Chairman                                                            28th September 2016