Cllrs Mr Dewi Evans (Chairman) (DE) Mr Barry Evans (BE), Mrs H J Spragg (HS), Mrs B Humphreys (BH),
Mr F Hemmings (FH), Mr J Vant (JV), Mr Mark Roberts (MR), Mr B Colley (BC), Mr M Holmes (MH),
Mrs Jackie Allen (JA) and Mr N James (NJ).

WCBC Cllr. Mr Terry Evans & Mr S Jones (SJ), Clerk to the Council.


Holocaust Memorial Day. 
Cllr. J Allen led all Councillors in noting the commemoration and the survivors.



Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Mr D Poppitt, Mrs C Gough, Mrs S Newell & Mr M Maxfield.  WCBC Cllr. Mr Ian Roberts.


Declarations of Interest

Declarations of Interest: Item 14. Appeals for Financial Assistance. Chirk Community Newsletter. Cllr. Mrs J Allen & WCBC Cllr. Terry Evans both hold officer positions and took no part in discussions but were present.



The minutes of the Council Meeting was confirmed as a correct record.  Proposer BE/Seconder JA.



Minute        87 – 25.11.2015 – WCBC Cllr. Terry Evans noted the request.  SJ will write and
suggest how this can be best introduced.

                   97 – 25.11.2015 – JV notes that a yellow tape repair to secure the access cover on a lamp on Holyhead Road – SJ to add this to the request of the WCBC Dept.  It was also noted that some new lamp units have recently been installed that don’t match.

                 102 – 16.12.2015 – HS agrees that we should invite the family of Robert Emrys Williams to a presentation in the Council Chamber – perhaps at the beginning of a future Ordinary Council Meeting.  SJ to action.

                 103 – 16.12.2015 – Councillors with an email address received the pack for tonight’s meeting in e-format.  JA requests to continue to receive a paper version in addition to the emailed file.

                 103 – 16.12.2015 – SJ continues to request when the new fence sections are to be installed.  He has concern over P & W Maintenance Contracting Ltd who have undergone a corporate transaction and are now known as Maintenance Contractors (Oswestry) Ltd.  They currently hold our grass maintenance contract as well as the agreement to repair the metal fencing on the roadside of Chapel Lane Recreation Ground.



No PCSO in attendance.  The crime statistics for the last 2 months were sent ahead of the meeting.  37 in total of which 6 assaults were seen by Councillors as disturbing.  A request for more details to be made.





2nd December 2015 report confirmed as a correct record. Proposer BE/Seconder BH.

13th January 2016 report confirmed as a correct record. Proposer BE/Seconder MH.

Under the Any Other Business report DE thanked both WCBC Local Councillors and Cllr. Jackie Allen for their contribution at the Wrexham Planning Committee meeting on January 4th.  The worries and concerns of the residents of Chirk with respect to the applications made by Kronospan were forcefully presented.
SJ outlined the letter of thanks to Dr Smith will include the meeting notes – item 3 as an attachment.  DE reported that no changes seen at Castle Health Centre since the meeting.



JA attended the One Voice Wales Wrexham/Flintshire Area Committee meeting here in Chirk Parish Hall last night.  Winston Roddick, Police & Crime Commissioner North Wales and his Deputy Julian Sandham were the keynote speakers.  Police budget under pressure, already reduced by £23 million and a further £8 million to cut.  JA commented that the Visions/Aims presented by the PCC were unchanged from 3 years ago.  The position is up for re-election in May 2016 and some 5 candidates are believed to be standing.  More mention of the requirements for Councillors to receive more training as well as Clerks attaining the CiLCA.  All detailed in the Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill under consultation at present.


FH along with MR represented the Council at the Chirk Celebrations & Christmas Lights Committee meeting held on Tuesday 26th January at The Parish Hall.  It has been decided that the CCCL committee will not organise a Fun Day this year.  As a fundraising initiative it has not delivered enough for all the hard work expended.  £300 was raised last year and there was a lot of clean up work needed afterwards.  Instead some different fund raising events are planned.  First will be a Fashion Show to be held in the Main Hall of the Parish Hall and sponsored by Edinburgh Woollen Mills,


JA attended a recent meeting of The Chirk and Ceiriog Valley Partnership.  There is a little concern over how the group is managing and questions will be raised at the upcoming AGM.  The meeting prior Chirk Town Council was not represented and a dim view was taken.


Ysgol Y Waun School Governors – BE asked JA for a report as she is the Town Council representative.  JA agreed to provide.  FH stated that signed off minutes are available on the school website.


BC advised of recent Glyn Wylfa meeting also TE attended.  Been in touch with BT over the long running issue with slow broadband speed.    Told to go to the website and look.  Certainly some 12 months behind with delivery.


Some Councillors joined the Public Meeting called at The Parish Hall on Thursday 14th January to discuss the announcement by HSBC Bank plc to close branches in Chirk and Ruabon.


Comment on the Chirk Court Residential Care provision.  A 72 bed EMI (Elderly/Mentally/Infirm) requiring care workers, no nursing staff provided.  A time period of 7.5 years mentioned.  JA very concerned of the news.  Knows of some patients that have needed to find a care home with nursing cover have been placed in Telford & Worcester.  Proposed JA/Seconded BH to send a letter expressing unhappiness over this change.  An amendment  Proposed BE/Seconded JA  for the Chair and Clerk to arrange to meet the management face to face.  The amendment was carried.


BE expressed concern over the condition of the entrance to Maes Y Waun.  A road sweeper has been requested to tidy.  The road surface is poor.  There is also a broken sign.  TE is aware of the issues outlined and is requesting help from relevant WCBC depts.



WCBC Cllr. Terry Evans reported on some issues, Street lighting – new contractors to be appointed soon.  Re-surfacing of Colliery Road is now on the schedule.  Concerns at West View over general noise pollution.  Further work to replace man hole covers with new ones that support 60 tonnes is underway.





Ahead of this evenings Ordinary Meeting a meeting two representatives of HSBC Bank plc took place in the Council Chamber.  Nothing was going to change the decision to close.  Spent a lot of time explaining how they are signposting customers to the best alternatives after the branch closes.  It is understood that the vacant premises in Church Street will have a retail use going forward – not a trendy wine bar.  So far as the banking arrangements of Chirk Town Council these will be on a future agenda for the Finance Committee to consider.



Celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday – both April and official in June should be considered by the Council with invitations to Chirk Celebrations & Lights, St Mary’s Church and Chirk Hospital Circle of Friends.  SJ to arrange.  Enquiries of Chirk Castle as to whether they have joined a Beacon lighting previously – in April this is something we have received information on.  The Circle of Friends have booked the Main Hall at the Parish Hall on June 11th with the idea of holding an indoor Tea Party.  There is a major Tea Party event in The Mall which should be replicated throughout the country.



Citizen of the Year.  Suggested this matter is first considered by the Finance Committee and report back to full Council.  This is the usual course of events.



There was general agreement for the logo design and a preference for the monochrome version.  There may be a place for a colour logo, e.g. on a re-launched web site.  SJ will take this project on to the next stage.



Delyth Pridding of Wrexham County Borough Council joined the meeting to give a brief presentation on the current Community Agent program running in Wrexham County Borough.  She is very heartened that the Councillors have already a strong desire to have a CA in Chirk.  Leaflets were also handed out.  After consulting her colleagues Delyth believes there would be funding available from WCBC.  It was proposed by BE and seconded by FH that Council approves the project and we go ahead and hire a CA.  This was carried unanimous.  FH suggested recruitment be undertaken by the SJ and Delyth – this was agreed.  Also mention of Welsh language skills being desirable.



National Eisteddfod – Monmouthshire and District.  Chirk Town Council has usually provided support for the 3 Eisteddfodau, National, Urdd/Youth and Llangollen International.  Proposed by FH and seconded by BE to donated £50.  Motion carried.


Chirk Community Newsletter – 10th Anniversary issue.  Both JA & TE declared an interest (they hold officer positions) and although present did not play a part in this matter being discussed.  We regularly support an issue and it was proposed by BE and seconded by BC that £500 be donated.  Motion carried.


Home Start. Proposer JA/Seconder MH for this request to be left on the table.  An amendment proposed by HS and seconded by BE for a £50 donation as a local family are being supported.  The amendment was voted on, 8 in favour and therefore carried.


Wrexham CBC/Armed Forces Champion – Appeal for preservation and display of Standards.  Proposer JA/Seconder BE for this request to be left on the table – motion carried.


North East Wales Diversity Festival. Proposer JV/Seconder JA for this request to be left on the table – motion carried.





The High Sherriff of Clwyd – Community Hero Award.  Proposer JV/Seconder BE for Cllr. Hilary Spragg to be nominated by Chirk Town Council.  HS has served as a Councillor for over 35 years.  The Chair also wished to endorse this and motion carried.  SJ to action.


Jo Lane – Dementia Friendly Communities - Proposer FH/Seconder BE to accept her offer to make a presentation at a future Ordinary Council meeting.  Motion carried.


David Martin – Spotlight on Britain, SJ to offer Wrexham CBC Tourist Officer and Cllr. Deryn Poppitt as good sources for research and assistance with his article.


Letter from Mike Barclay School Holiday Playwork Scheme – contents to be considered at next Finance Committee meeting.


Ceri Hughes – PaCE Project.  Councillors suggested an article in the Chirk Newsletter to promote the activity.


One Voice Wales – membership renewal – add to agenda of next Finance Committee meeting.



Report of the Planning Committee meeting on 30th December 2015 was approved.


118.    ACCOUNTS

·        Payments

A list of invoices and payments amounting to £5,905.75 (to 16.12.15) and £5,620.57 (to 27.1.16) were given to the Council and were passed for payment (see addendums).

·        Quarterly Accounts Report

SJ presented both Bank Reconciliation (showing that expenditure totalled £103,948.69 and receipts £148,787.49) and Expenditure vs. Budget reports to 31st December 2015 and were both noted and approved.



FH – Spent half a day in Chirk with guys from Mondelez dismantling the Christmas Lights display.  Witnessed to pretty poor parking in Church Street.  There seems to be no control, people do as they please.  No sign of a PCSO all the time.  Should the Traffic Warden be requested to attend more often.  It is a very busy road and such selfish behaviour should be sanctioned.  JV added he has even witnessed a car parked on the zig zags and a Policeman simply stood and watched – no action taken.  This was raised back in November – should we write to the Inspector ?


JV – reported a new sign for the Noodle Bar – using an odd colour.  Is planning permission needed ?  They are in a Conservation Area.  SJ to follow up.


JA – raised the matter of Parish Hall renovations.  Some £600/£700,000 was estimated in 2011 for the work.  She is looking to maximise revenue and would like ideas of a Saturday Cinema and Farmers Market to be discussed.  Meeting required to discuss all money raising ideas.  Then bring forward to the full Council.


BC – an event at Glyn Wylfa to commemorate the new kitchen extension is planned for February 9th at 10am.  The Mayor of Wrexham is the guest of honour.  All Councillors welcome to come along.


BE – marking out of parking bays on front of Parish Hall seen as a good idea.  This will be considered with the deployment of new signage being planned for.


Meeting closed 9pm.





Signed                                    Chairman                                               24th February 2016