Cllrs Mr D Evans (Chairman), Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs J Allen, Mrs B Humphreys, Mrs S Newell,   

Mr W N James, Mr M Holmes, Mr D Poppitt, Mr F Hemmings, Mr M Maxfield and Mr J Vant.

Cllr Mr Terry Evans, WCBC, Mr S A Hughes, Clerk to the Council.



Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mrs C Gough, Mr B Evans, Mr B Colley and Cllr Ian Roberts WCBC.


The Chairman recommended that agenda items 4 and 5 are taken to save time for the guest officers attending the meeting.  This was agreed.


90.  CHIRK SCHOOL HOLIDAYS PLAYSCHEME.                                                                                                          Mr Mike Barclay and Mr Jay Davies, Wrexham CBC Play Development Team were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.  Members had received a copy of the Playscheme Progress Report and the officers commented further on the  play activities carried on giving more detail on the attendance of the youngsters at the three sites in Chirk.   Members commented and questioned the officers being particularly concerned at the numbers attending the play days and what can be done to encourage more youngsters to take part for their enjoyment being at play outdoors.  Members asked for all attendees to the play days and those accompanied by parents to be included in an attendance register.                              Mr Barclay and Mr Davies were thanked by the Chairman before leaving the meeting.  The matter was further discussed and a proposal from Cllr Hemmings and seconded by Cllr Poppitt to carry on with Playscheme for another year was carried by a majority vote.



PCSO Sawyer was welcomed to the meeting and he gave details of crime statistics for the previous two months as follows: -

December Criminal Damage – 1; Shoplifting - 2.  A total of 3 crimes reported for the month along with 4 ASB incidents.

PCSO Sawyer said that one suspect had been detected shoplifting and he had issued a “Yellow Card” in respect of one ASB case.

January Shoplifting – 4; Arson - 1.  A total of 4 crimes reported for the month along with 5 ASB incidents.

PCSO Sawyer said some were due to New Year parties.

With regard to previous matters PCSO Sawyer informed the meeting that he was no longer on the twitter site.  He also said that PCSO Grace Jones had resigned her post and that Insp Jackie Downes was arranging for a replacement officer.

Cllr Hemmings asked about the provision of Hi Viz items reflectors etc for paperboy cyclists reflectors and mentioned that West Mercia Police were giving out HI Viz Jackets and flashing bands.  PCSO Sawyer said he was actively looking into the matter.

The Chairman thanked the officer for his attendance and his report.



The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held the 17th December 2014 were confirmed as a correct record.



The report was confirmed as a correct record of the meeting and accepted by the Council.                                             The Clerk referred to item 3b regarding the transfer of Play Sites from Wrexham CBC and said that the Council needed to appoint signatories for the legal documents.  It was agreed that the Chairman and Vice Chairman with the Clerk should be the appointed signatories.


94.  REPORT OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The report was confirmed as a correct record of the meeting and accepted by the Council.  The Clerk referred to the Citizen of the Year Award 2014 and said he would be proceeding with advertising/posters etc. in time for the Councils decision at the March meeting of the Council.


95.  REPORT OF THE PARISH HALL SUB-COMMITTEE. The report was accepted as a correct record of the sub-committee and accepted by the Council.  Cllr Jackie Allen that she was making inroads into information about the provision of grants for the next meeting of the Sub-Committee and inviting Mr Tincello to attend the meeting.


96.  REPORT OF LONGFIELD RECREATION GROUND SUB-COMMITTEE HELD 14th JANUARY 2015.                                                                                                                  

The report was confirmed as a correct record of the meeting and accepted by the Council.                                             

The Clerk informed the Council that he had written to the three Housing Associations with properties in Chirk for information as requested by the sub-committee and also to One Voice Wales for information and advice.


97.  REPORT OF CCTV CAMERAS SUB-COMMITTEE HELD 21st JANUARY 2015.                                               The report was confirmed as a correct record of the meeting and accepted by the Council.                                             Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen said that the sub-committee had had some robust information about CCTV surveillance and as costs for the Councils own system with up to date equipment were as low as the Wrexham CBC maintenance charges and maintenance would be less expensive thereafter it was recommended that the Council do not enter an agreement with Wrexham CBC but consider installing its own CCTV surveillance system.

The matter was discussed further by the Council and it was decided to accept the recommendation of the sub-committee and for the sub-committee to go ahead and bring forward a surveillance scheme for the Councils consideration.



i)        Shrewsbury-Chester Rail Users Association. Cllr Mrs J Allen informed the Council that she had attended a meeting of the Association when a topic for discussion was the proposed loss of the 7.47am train service to Cardiff.  This was a major service for commuters and was well used and it was decided that the Council should support the effort being made to keep the service and send appropriate letter to British Rail.

ii)      Chirk ATC. Cllr Mrs Jackie Allen reported that she had received a report fron the ATC with minutes of their meeting.


99.  REPORTS FROM LOCAL MEMBERS WREXHAM CBC.                                                                                      Cllr Terry Evans informed the Council that No Calling Zones had been made for Castle Crescent and Ceiriog Close and asked that members consider other areas that have had troubles may benefit from having this designation.                      He also mentioned that further improvements to the B5070 only at the Kronospan entrance were and the work to remove the hump on Castle road had been completed.                                                                                                                     Cllr Evans said he was in contact with Welsh Water concerning the foul smells from the sewerage system affecting Lodgevale Park that seems to be due to pumped sewage from Halton and was meeting engineers on site.                     With regard to the street light in the alleyway at Bronywaun he said that the cause of the fault was the electric mains and that SP/Manweb were to do the necessary repairs.                                                                                                              Cllr Evans said that an appointment of a road man to replace Mr Chennels was being made.                                                                                                                Cllr Evans referred to the recent road accident on the A5/A483bridge over the R.Ceiriog that was of great concern and he had made his views known to the authorities. He said he had made arrangements to meet with Susan Elan Jones MP about the dangerous road conditions.                                                                                                                                 With regard to Wrexham CBC’s “Difficult Decisions” Cllr Evans informed the meeting that £26m budget cuts had been agreed out of the £45m/£70m budget reductions needed by the Welsh Government.                                                      Cllrs drew Mr Evan’s attention to the following: -

1.      Signage needed for the Castle Health Centre.

2.      Litter picking.

3.      Problems of parking of vehicles on the main street the B5070 when by passes are closed and all traffic diverted through Chirk.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Evans for his report and the information provided for the Council.


100.          NOTICE OF MEETING OF THE WREXHAM COMMUNITY AND TOWN COUNCIL FORUM.                                                                          The Clerk reported receipt of Notice of Meeting of the Forum that will be held at the Guildhall on the 12th March 2015 and inviting the Council to put forward any important items of business that they may wish to have discussed at the meeting.  The Council representatives had been informed of the meeting.  This was noted.                                                                 


101.          CORRESPONDENCE.                                                                                                                                              

       The following correspondence was received and dealt with: -

1.      Invitation to Mayor of Wrexham’s Charity Evening – It was agreed that the Chairman and lady should attend and represent the Council.

2.      Notification of an amended Practitioners’ Guide (2011) from One Voice Wales. Noted.

3.      An invitation from Wrexham CBC to apply for grants for Start-up |Lunch Clubs and also for existing ones.  This was noted by members to pass on the information.

4.      Letter from Wrexham CBC distributed to members concerning the “Difficult Decisions” issue and the results of the consultation exercise available online on the website plus an invitation to take part in the consultation survey.  There is also an invitation to attend an event 0n 24th February at the Guildhall Wrexham to give the result of the Difficult Decisions consultation with an opportunity and to give your views  on the “What’s Important to You? Consultation.



5.      An appeal for funds towards the National Eisteddfod of Wales to be held in Meifod 2015 – an amount of £100.00 was agreed.

6.      An appeal for funds for HomeStart Wrexham.  It was agreed to leave this lie on the table.

7.      Letter from The Friends of Chirk Station was received with information about the completion of the new footbridge access I the next few weeks and Arriva will be replacing the signage for the station car park. Additional litter bins are being provided and the contractors are providing 4 new wooden planters. Chirk Station has been featured by Arriva Wales in their latest Adopter’s Newsletter.  Members were pleased to have the information and wished the Friends well in the efforts that are greatly appreciated by all.


102.          PLANNING MATTERS.

The Clerk reported that the Plans Committee had met this evening and had dealt with three applications received from the Planning Officer under the consultation procedures for the Councils consideration and comment.


P/2014/00933 Variation of Planning Condition No. 5 attached to Planning Permission Code No P/2008/0843 to allow removal of two pine trees – 5 Chirk Green Gardens, Chirk

The Council has no objection to the proposed development.


P/2014/0935 Construction of Vehicular Access – 2 Station Avenue, Chirk

The proposal is to make a new vehicular access to the front of the dwelling.

The Council has no objection to the proposed development provided the development complies with Chirk Conservation Area requirements.


103.          ACCOUNTS.

a)      Payments. A list of invoices and payments amounting to £10,556.66 were given to the Council and were passed for payment.









Signed                                                              Chairman                                                            25th February 2015