Cllrs Mr D Evans (Chairman), Ms H Pepler, Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs J Allen, Mrs B Humphreys, Mrs S Newell,   

Mr W N James, Mr B Evans, Mr M Holmes, Mr B Colley, Deryn Poppitt and Mr J Vant. Cllr Mr Terry Evans, WCBC, Mr S A Hughes, Clerk to the Council and one member of the public.



Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mrs S Newell and Mr Barry Evans.


74.  PUBLIC SPACE CCTV CAMERA PROVISION – WREXHAM CBC.                                                                      Mr Simon Roberts, Design and Facilities Manager, Wrexham CBC was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.     Mr Roberts gave the Council information about the CCTV Service run by his authority from the new office at Wrexham Industrial Site.  The CCTV Team managed over 80 cameras in Wrexham Town and outlying communities throughout the year with 24/7/365 monitoring.  He said that in the present financial difficulties face by his authority cuts have to be made and a review of all the cameras to ensure they are fit for purpose and in the right location to reflect current crime and disorder patterns and crime types The information provided by the cameras over the past two years has found that some of the units in the outlying areas, including the two sited in Chirk, appeared only to have a limited impact on crime and anti- social behaviour.  Mr Roberts said that the cost for the BT annual line for the two cameras in Chirk were over £5.5k not including monitoring and maintenance costs. Other outlying cameras were similarly costly.  In order to make cuts in the CCTV budget community councils were being asked to consider making a contribution to the costs of maintaining the cameras and for the two cameras in Chirk the amount was £1.5k each.  Mr Roberts also said that the system used is being looked at for up-dating that could eventually reduce some of the costs.                  Members expressed concern about this situation and asked questions about the workings of the CCTV cameras.  Also about the costs and why the Wrexham Town Community Councils were not being asked to similarly contribute to the costs as it amounts to “double taxing” on outlying communities. Members said that the camera at Coronation Drive had not been work for some considerable time and needed attention.                                                                                                                                                              The Chairman thanked Mr Roberts for his attendance.                                                                                       The matter was further considered by the Council and it was decided to appoint a sub-group being Cllrs Mr Colley, Mrs  Allen, Mr Hemmings, Mr James to obtain more information about the CCTV camera situation.



Inspector Jackie Downes and PCSO Rebecca Proudlove were welcomed to the meeting. Details of crime statistics since the last Council meeting were given as follows:

November Criminal Damage – 1; Burglary – 1; Theft – 1.  A total of 3 crimes reported for the month along with 7 ASB incidents.

PCSO Proudlove informed the meeting with regard to the crimes reported in October an arrest had been made in connection with the 4 shoplifting incidents and 4 local youths dealt with for ASB incidents with 3 yellow cards issued along with other action reported last month.  She also said that visits had been made to Pentre School and to the headteacher and the Millennium Garden patrolled and youths had been spoken to.        Officers had been in attendance at the Remembrance Parade, Bonfire night and Chirk Castle for the Car Rally.

PCSO Proudlove said the incidents with Cold Callers had received attention and the Trading Standards Officer is taking action with regard to making further cold caller areas in Chirk.  Warning stickers had also been given out to residents.

With regard to staffing at Chirk Inspector Downes said that one officer had now returned from sick leave and was on restricted duties. PCSO Proudlove the officer for the Ceiriog Valley area helps PCSO Sawyer and arrangements made for colleagues from Cefn and other areas to ensure there is coverage for Chirk.

With regard to officers using facebook this is being monitored but the officer had received a very good number of helpful “tweets”.

With regard to the Chirk AAA’s Bonfire Night that caused problems for residents in the neighbourhood due to the parking of a large number cars by visitors to the event the officer said that these issues will be taken up with the AAA’s Committee to make suitable parking arrangements for next year’s event.


The Chairman thanked the officers for their attendance and report.



The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held the 29th October 2014 were confirmed as a correct record.



62/45/1. Overgrown hedges, Pentre. Cllr Humphreys reported that the hedges had now been cut.

62/46. General Purposes Committee Report.  Cllr Hemmings said he had the matter in hand.

64. Youth Monitoring Team. Cllr Hemmings said that he had written to the Youth Service Officer with regard to their request lighting the skate park but had not received a reply.



i)        Chirk Community Forum. Cllr Mr J Vant informed the meeting that the Forum had decided to enter the Wales in Bloom 2015 competition.

ii)      Chirk Court Care Homes. Cllr Mrs Hilary Spragg informed the Council that she had attended a meeting of the Management Committee and that the renovation work to the resident’s accommodation was complete and work progressing on the new EMI units.


79.  REPORTS FROM LOCAL MEMBERS WREXHAM CBC.  Cllr Terry Evans informed the Council that a new lay by had been completed at Longfield and resurfacing taken place at Middleton Terrace. Repairs also to be carried out the B5070.  He also said that Wrexham CBC was making Cold Calling Zones at Ceiriog Close and Castle Crescent.

Cllr Ian Roberts informed the members that amalgamation is the key word at the moment for the authority and next year’s budget is close to fulfilling the wishes of the Wales Government for making £13m in cuts.


80.  USE OF LONGFIELD RECREATION GROUND FOR OLD PEOPLES BUNGALOWS.                                                                                                                 Cllr Terry Evans said that there was a need for old Peoples Bungalows near to the centre of Chirk and was requesting Chirk Town Council to allow part of the Longfield Recreation Ground to be included in the Wrexham CBC’s Local Development Plan for this purpose.

Concern was expressed by some members about the potential loss of play space and need to cater for youth and some recognising the need for AOP accommodation. However, members agreed that more information was necessary before a decision could be made and decided to form a sub-committee to look further into the matter. Cllr Pepler said she would head the sub-committee with Cllrs Jackie Allen, Barbara Humphreys, Newman James, Mark Holmes and Deryn Poppitt

Making up the Committee to look into issues making a report for consideration of the Council.


81.  PRECEPT FO THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2015/2016.                                                                                                   The Clerk reminded members that it was time to consider the Council’s budget requirement for the coming financial year and to fix a precept of the amount required from Wrexham CBC.


82.  TRANSFER OF PLAY SITES. The Clerk said that he had met with local solicitors Stevens Lucas with regard to the transfer of the freehold of the Black Park Play Area. Wrexham CBC.                                                                                          

      The Clerk also said that he spoken to a colleague Me E N Hodges, a legal person who had offered to help with leases and  

      Deed of Gift for the Play Sites at Lodgevale Park (Crogen and Offa) and George Street, Chirk and the Skate   

      Park and Shelter at Chirk Recreation Ground.

With regard to Whitehurst Gardens the Clerk said that it appeared little if any use has been made of the very old swings and climber on the site.  Members were aware of the situation and decided not to have the Play Site transferred to the Council.

With regard to the legal matters the Council decided to engage Stevens and Lucas to act for the Council in respect of the transfer of the freehold of the Black Park Play Area and accept the offer from Mr Hodges to act for the Council in connection with the Leases and Deed of Gift for the Play Sites at Lodgevale Park (Crogen and Offa) and George Street, Chirk and the Skate Park and Shelter at Chirk Recreation Ground.



The Clerk reported receipt of appeals for financial aid that were duly considered by the Council as follows: -

·         Chirk Branch Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal – agreed a donation of £200.00 to include payment for poppy wreaths

·         Urdd Gobaith Cymru – agreed donation of - £100.00.

·         Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod - agreed donation of £100.00.

·         Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre, Cardiff- agreed to let this matter lie on the table.





    1. Presentation report of Chirk Playscheme with cost of next year’s scheme at £4,700.00. the Council agreed to ask for the WCBC play Group Co-ordinator to attend a meeting of the Council.
    2. Letter of reply from John Davies Head of Lifelong Learning Wrexham CBC informing the Council that “community governors are appointed by the governing body to represent the wider community interests of the school” and “there is no requirement at all that community governors vacancy has to be advertised”.   Cllr Hemmings, Chairman of the Governors of Ysgol Y Waun said that the Governing Body took the decision guided by an official of Wrexham CBC Education Department and the vacancy was filled by an experienced educationalist.   Members were of the opinion that the vacancy should have been advertised to give local persons the chance to apply to fill the vacancy.
    3. Letter from the Headteacher, Ysgol Dinas Bran informing the Council that the existing transport arrangements for students from Chirk to Ysgol Dinas Bran will continue in the same way for the foreseeable future. Members were very pleased to receive this information.
    4. Notice of Public Consultation for the Draft North Wales Joint Local Transport Plan 2015-2020 between 24th November and 5th January 2015 with an event at the Guildhall, Wrexham on the 12th December 2014. The draft plan can be viewed via . This information was noted.


The Clerk reported that the Plans Committee had met this evening and had dealt with three applications received from the Planning Officer under the consultation procedures for the Councils consideration and comment.


P/2014/00835 Erection of detached external bin store – Chirk Court Care Home, Maesywaun, Chirk, Wrexham.

The Council has no objection to the proposed development.


P/2014/0832 Single storey rear extension and garage loft conversion with 2 No. dormer roof extensions – 5 Chirk Green Gardens, Chirk, Wrexham.

The Council has no objection to the proposed development.


P/2014/0830 To operate one vehicle as Private Hire Vehicle from premises –

28 West View, Chirk Wrexham.

The Council has no objection to the proposal but it is noted that the vehicle is to be parked and be

kept at the rear of the premises.


P/2014/0856 Change of Colour of Front Door (in retrospect) and Erection of

structure for storage purposes - Hillcrest, Station Avenue, Chirk, Wrexham.

The Council has no objection to the proposed development.



a)      Payments. A list of invoices and payments amounting to £5977.68 were given to the Council and were passed for payment.



Signed                                                Chairman                                                                             17th December 2014