Cllrs Me D Evans (Chairman), Ms H Pepler, Mrs H J Spragg, Mrs J Allen, Mrs B Humphreys, Mr W N James,

Mr D Poppitt, Mr B Evans, Mr M Holmes, Mr F Hemmings and Mr J Vant.

Cllr Mr Terry Evans, WCBC and Mr S A Hughes, Clerk to the Council



Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mr B Colley, Mr I Roberts and Mr T Evans.


It was agreed to take agenda item 4.



PCSO Sawyer was welcomed to the meeting and gave details of the crime statistics for the previous two months that were as follows:

August Shoplifting – 3: Arson – 1; Criminal Damage – 2; Burglary – 1; Burglary other than dwelling – 2; Theft from vehicle – 1.  A total of 10 crimes for the month along with 10 ASB incidents.

      September Shoplifting – 1; Criminal Damage – 2. A total of 2 crimes for the month along with 6 ASB    


PCSO Sawyer said that he had attended Pentre School and had spoken to the Head about teachers and/or school staff parking on yellow school lines. Members confirmed that there were still parking issues at the school.


Members drew the attention to the officer to the following: - Damage to stone work in the Millennium Garden. It had been noted that up to 20 youths were in the gardens one evening.


The Council agreed that the officer’s priorities for the coming weeks should be:

·         North, Chapel Lane Playground and recreation grounds; parking Chapel Lane, Lloyds Lane, Coronation Drive

·          South, Millennium Gardens and recreation grounds and Brynkinalt Park.


The Chairman thanked the officer for his attendance and report.



The Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting of the Council held the 30th July 2014 were confirmed as a correct record.



  1. Overgrown hedges, Pentre. Cllr Humphreys reported that she had complained to the Highways Department about the field hedge on Penyclawdd Lane and had been informed that Wrexham CBC would be taking action with the field owners to have it cut.
  2. Chapel Lane Playground Refurbishment.  Cllr Allen informed the Council that the letter confirming the grant from WREN was ready for signing and would be received by the Clerk next Monday.  This will allow the project to go ahead with work starting in the very near future. An official press release about the project is prepared and will be submitted to the press.



Members had received a copy of the report and noted the contents. Report was accepted by the Council

Cllr Hemmings said he would liaise with Cllr Pepler in regards to Chirk Cemetery item d.

The Chairman, on behalf of the Council, thanked the Clerk for his work in maintaining the accounts and  preparing them for the audit.


47.  ANNUAL RETURN FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR ENDING 31st MARCH 2014. The Clerk informed the Council that the Auditor had completed the final stage by signing off the Annual Return. The Clerk also said that he had given notice of this with publication on the Council’s notice board.  This information was duly noted.




i)        Chirk Celebrations and Lights Committee. Cllr Mr Frank Hemmings informed the Councils that the Christmas Lights will be switched on 6th December. However, the Committee were looking for ideas for the community to be more involved and asked for ideas.  Christmas stalls, carol singers were mentioned.

ii)      Chirk and Ceiriog Valley Partnership. Cllr Ms Hilary Pepler informed the Council that she had attended a meeting of the Partnership and said that a survey of local businesses was to be carried out to increase tourism in the area.  The meeting also discuss the problems associated with motorbikes, quad bikes etc causing danger to the public and damage to roads, paths and land in the Ceiriog Valley.

iii)    The Chairman gave a report on his visits including the Induction Service for the new vicar Rev; the event recognising the 80 anniversary of the Gresford Colliery Disaster; the official opening of the Castle Health Centre; the annual dinner of the Vale of Llangollen Lions.


49.  WREXHAM CBC BUDGET CUTS 2015/16.                                                                                                                 The Clerk said that he had provided members with the information to hand about the proposals of Wrexham CBC for the forthcoming years budget.  However, this information whilst giving what could be the savings that the council would make gave to real information of how this will be done and what effects it will have especially on Community and Town Councils.  The Clerk said that the Council had now been invited to send two representatives to a special meeting at the Guildhall on the 21st October.  agreed that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman should attend this meeting.

Cllr Pepler said that the savings this year for the Adult Social Care Service was severe and more severe cuts proposed and it is worrying as there is no information as to what the impact will have on the service for the elderly.

Members voiced concern about other services such as roads, libraries etc and the effect the proposed cuts will mean.

The Council agreed that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman should attend this meeting.



The Clerk informed the Council that from April 2015 the Council will need to engage a Pension Provider as from the 1st April all employees have to be registered in a Pension Scheme.  This is to allow those employees the opportunity to decide if they wish to be included in the scheme.  This could mean that the Council will have to make contributions to a pension fund.

The Council agreed that the Clerk should look into the matter so that the Council complies with the New Workplace Pension Rules.


51.  PUBLIC SPACE CCTV CAMERA PROVISION – WREXHAM CBC.                                                                     The Clerk referred members to the copy of the letter received from the Design and Facilities Management Manager Wrexham CBC with regard to the future maintenance of CCTV camera of which there are two in Chirk. The cost of the one camera is £1,500.00 per year (excluding monitoring costs).                                       If the Council wish to retain the operation of these cameras Wrexham County Borough Council is seeking a mandate, through a contribution, to continue to actively monitor the cameras on a 24 hour, 7 day per week operation.

The Clerk said that he had accepted an invite to a meeting with the officer so that more information about the issue can be gained for the Council to consider.

The Council agreed to consider the matter when further information is available.


52.  REVIEW OF POLLING DISTRICTS AND POLLOING PLACES – WREXHAM CBC.                                      The Clerk informed the Council that Wrexham CBC has a duty to review arrangements for polling districts and polling places. There are two wards in Chirk - Chirk North with three polling stations at Pentre,          Black Park and Chapel Lane, and Chirk South having a polling station at Chirk Parish Hall.

These arrangements were considered satisfactory and the Council agreed to inform the Electoral Registration Officer accordingly.


53.  REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY.                                                                                                                                         The Clerk referred to the forthcoming Remembrance Sunday on the 9th November and asked for the Councils decision with regard to arrangements for the Parade and Service.

Following discussion it was agreed that the views of the Chirk Branch Royal British Legion should be sought as the Council is mindful to attend the Service at St Mary’s Church prior to the service at the Cenotaph.



The Clerk reported receipt of the agenda for the Annual Meeting and Conference to be held at Builth Wells on 4th October 2014. 

Each motion on the agenda was discussed and the agreed voting that the Council representative would use at the meeting.



 55.  APPEALS.

The Clerk reported receipt of appeals for financial aid that were duly considered by the Council as follows: -

·         Chirk Community Newsletter (Cllr Allen Declared Interest) – agreed to pay for Christmas issue  - £500.00.

·         Central and Eastern Victim Support – agreed to let this matter lie on the table.

·         Shelter Cymru – agreed donation of £150.00.

·         Chirk Air Training Corps – agreed donation of £500.00.



The Clerk reported receipt of the Executive Summary of the Plan which is to be enforced when drought conditions apply. The Clerk said that the main source of water for consumption is from the River Dee and the plan includes 5 trigger points when the River Dee falls below the Safe Yield Line.  This is from reducing abstraction to safe yield allocation; reducing abstraction and augmenting the water supply from the Penycae Reservoir and increasing water efficiency; reducing abstraction further and augmenting the water supply from the Penycae Reservoir  then for perhaps introducing voluntary restrictions. The final action being the introduction of a Drought Order.



    1. Newsletter of the Shropshire Chester Rail Users Association. Noted.
    2. Copy of letter from Maud-Ann Redford Ist Chirk Group Scout Leader for all the support from the community when they had a stall on the Fun Day. Noted.
    3. Letter from Christine Ashford regarding the preparation for the Christmas Lights and the plea for more support.  Noted.
    4. Letter from Christine Ashford with information about work of the Friends of Chirk Station and the entry into the Wales in Bloom Neighbourhood Award.  The Council was pleased to hear of the Friends being granted an Award for their efforts which are much appreciated by the Council, community, visitors and train passengers.
    5. Letter from Janet Norman drawing the Councils attention to the loss of the London National Express service 418.  It was agreed that the Council should support the effort to have this service re-instated.
    6. Notice of a Save Our Paths meeting at Llangollen Town Hal on Wednesday 2nd October.  Noted.
    7. Letter from Chirk AAA’s with regard to the forthcoming Bon Fire Night.  Noted.
    8. Minutes of the Steering Committee for Friends of Whitehurst Gardens.  Noted.
    9. National Resources Wales Agreement to use the Chirk Recreation ground for acorn picking.  Noted that the Clerk had signed the document.
    10. Notice of Meeting of the Four Councils of Chirk and the Ceiriog Valley on Monday 3rd October 2014. Several members agreed to attend the meeting.


The Clerk reported that he had dealt with one application received from the Planning Officer. This was for trimming two Lime trees at I Oakcroft, Chirk.  The Clerk said he had replied with no objection to the application that was to provide safer access on to Station Avenue from low tree branches.

The Clerk said that the only application was the one he ahd made on behalf of the Council for the felling of the Oak Tree on the Recreation Grounds and for crown uplifting to the Lime Trees and trees and the west boundary.

This action was noted and agreed.



a)      Payments. A list of invoices and payments amounting to £22,951.43 were given to the Council and were passed for payment.




Signed                                                Chairman                                                                             29th October 2014